By Dagostino Part of the Spirit Lost continuity.
Offical INF Insignia
International Fusion
General information

Chief Akkuno, King Danarin, Fire Lord Renzar, Monk Taneyo


Master Osunak, General Bardow, Fire Lord Tuzon, Monk Taneyo


Unite the World, Destroy the Avatar

The Fusion was formed three year before Spirit Lost began. Four representatives of the four nations unanimously decided to eradicate the Avatar.

Each of the four members who planned to eradicate the Avatar were bending masters. They combined skills to create a single plant of the strongest material ever made. They then split this into four diamond shaped plates, made of earthen diamond, coated with a flammable powder, and contained a pouch of water inside, thus making it bendable by all four of the bending masters.

They waited until the Avatar went to the Southern Air Templel and meditated. While he meditated, they each stood equidistant from the Avatar, the Airbending master in front, Waterbending to his right, Earthbending to his back, and Firebending to his left. Then, they simultaneously launched the diamonds at his head, the Waterbender bending the pocket of water inside, Earthbender bending the diamond, Firebender catching it on fire and launching it, and Airbender sending it through gust of wind.

The Avatar's Assassination was later known as "Liberation Day".

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