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The Legend of Aten



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June 12th, 2012

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Chapter 4: Flow


And so, the story of Aten is nearly at an end. Between his fourteenth and sixteenth birthdays, Aten practised his chi-blocking, even surpassing Ming in his technique. As he grew, his face warped the scar, and he soon began to wear a mask whenever he came near a town or settlement. His friends in the circus did not mind his scar, but on many occasions he would scare the carnival goers, frightened of the deformity. Ming was always supportive, however even around her, he began to be more and more withdrawn, only ever being truly happy when he studied chi blocking. He wasn't contacted by his mother, but everyday he strove to become stronger and better, just like she told him.

The carnival continued travelling around the Earth Kingdom, from Gaoling to Kyoshi Island and Republic City. Aten and Ming were both very excited to visit the great city of equality, and spent every night talking and dreaming about it. During the spring of 154 AG, a few weeks before Aten's 16th birthday, they finally arrived at the big City. They were permitted to explore the city for a few days while the carnival was being set up, so long as they were back for the opening night performance.

Aten and Ming went to the central park. There, he met a man, with a face like a monkey. He identified himself as the 'Protestor'. Aten had asked him what he was protesting.
"Well, I'm protesting the inequality! Benders rule this city, and there's no say for the non-benders in the running of this metropolis. Every day, the bending elite force their will over those unable to protect themselves. I am protesting for the rights of non-benders!"
The protestor walked away to announce to more of the carnival workers their chance for equality. Aten and Ming walked away, no longer focussing on the scenery.

As they walked, Aten kept seeing benders lording their power over non-benders. He saw his own face on those of the people around him, those defenceless civilians. He made an ultimatum. He would return to Republic City, one day, and give power to the non-benders! He would equalise the City!!

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