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Sometimes, late at night, Toph would sit and think. Not about anything in particular; it was merely the process of getting up, moving outside to bathe in the moonlight she would never see, and allowing her mind to relax as the worries of the day washed from her.

Occasionally, she would be joined by someone else. Sokka was a constant every full moon, although those nights weren't for her. They were his nights, and so she never stayed long, giving him the privacy and peace he never thanked her for, but she knew appreciated.

Katara also joined her on occasion, although less frequent and more random than her brother. For Katara, it was when she sensed Toph needed someone. Toph never sent her away, because sometimes, it was true. She was rock, but sometimes Katara was the more stable one. She never rested entirely on the girl, rather using her as a crutch in which to share some—but not all—of her worries and grievances.

Aang was by far her favourite companion. Sometimes. Other times, he was an insufferable boy who, as much as she tried, would never completely understand her. It infuriated her to no end. Those nights could range from companionable to awkward silences, stretching out to screaming matches, or giggle-fests. By the end, they had made up and left for their own beds, the relationship strengthened if not better.

Toph feared it would never be as easy as with Sokka and Katara. She was earth, he was air. They were doomed from the start to chase the other around, follow them, never quite touching. A poetic dance that could go no further, yet that seemed desperate to push those boundaries. It was this delicate balance, and the fear of upsetting it, that stopped her from truly opening up to him.

They were yin and yang, and whilst they would always fit together in harmony, it could never be anything more.

This is why she sits outside. It is this thought, and thoughts like it, that keep her from sleep and tie up her heart. It is this thought that hurts her.

This thought that makes her fear.

This thought that makes her cry.

Notes: literally whipped this up in about 15 minutes. I needed something like this. Also, I felt bad for not updating in agessss. Sorry about that, folks. I was also excited to try the tense-changing thing again. You can see my first attempt here.

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