Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Inspector Iroh in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Inspector Iroh is a round robin comic and an alternative universe that takes place in modern-age Ba Sing Se. The story revolves around Iroh, who works at the Dai Li Murder Investigation department, and his assistant Zuko. The concept was born in May 2007, when ASN user The Artrix created a concept sketch of Iroh and Zuko driving around in Ba Sing Se. After adding more content to the concept, he initiated the Inspector Iroh round robin comic. According to The Artrix, Inspector Iroh was initially based off Baantjer, a Dutch television series about an old murder investigator and his assistant that takes place in Amsterdam.[1]

Currently, the comic is 27 pages long and still in production. The franchise receives a fair share of fan-generated content and has a dedicated DeviantART account.[2]


Inspector Iroh as a production of the forums, directed by Arjen "The Artrix" Lamé. Most of the discussion and planning takes place in a dedicated thread in the Pai Sho sub-forum.[3] Everyone is welcome to contribute to the project, although there is a low threshold for artists. All artists that wish to participate are included in an index, which is used to determine the next artist. It's possible for artists to collaborate with a writer, giving non-artists a chance to participate as well. Once it's an artist's turn to do a page, The Artrix will guide them in the process to make sure things don't get too out of control.

Once a page is done, it is submitted to ASN and DeviantART, and the artist is free to publish their own page as they please.


At young age, Zuko and Azula lost their parents in a plane crash in Omashu, Earth Kingdom, forcing them to move in with Iroh. Over the years, Zuko ended up becoming Iroh's assistant, while Azula perused a career as a news anchor at F3N, one of the Fire Nation's major news networks.

The story starts when Iroh and Zuko are assigned to a new case. A man named Chey was severely maimed and murdered, and it's up to Iroh and Zuko to find out who's behind it. It doesn't take very long before they find out that the murder is just the tip of the iceberg, as they slowly uncover a vast network of criminal activity.

Main Characters

Inspector Iroh: At an unspecified age and for an unknown reason, Iroh decided to leave the Fire Nation to live in Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom. There he worked his way up as an inspector at the Dai Li Murder Investigation department. Iroh is about the same age as in Avatar, but physically less fit, and many years of murder investigation has made him somewhat bitter. Still, Iroh is still a person that tries to better the world, and enjoys the simple joys in life.

Zuko: As a child, Zuko enjoyed a relatively comfortable life in the prosperous Fire Nation. This was rudely interrupted at the age of nine, when he and his sister Azula survived an plane crash, losing their parents in the process. From there on, he was raised by Iroh, and several circumstances have lead him to join Iroh's goal to put murderers behind bars. Zuko is a chain-smoking, grumpy, rebellious young man. He shows little mercy to the suspects and isn't afraid to use his fire bending in the process.

Azula: As a child, she received the same fate as Zuko, and lives in Ba Sing Se ever since. Over the years, the siblings grew apart, and Azula's ambition and hunger for power drove her to the upper class of society. She's a news anchor for the Ba Sing Se branch of the Fire Nation News Network, or F3N in short, one of the major news networks of the Fire Nation. Azula knows little restraint. When working herself to the top, she utilizes every opportunity she gets, and she gets what she wants, even at the expense of others.

Other characters that make an appearance in the comic are;

  • Suki (Kyoshi Squad captain)
  • Haru (Dai Li unit captain)
  • Mai (investigator at DLID)
  • Pakku (forensic pathologist at GHI forensics)
  • Katara (high-ranking GHI doctor)
  • Sokka (GHI paramedic)
  • Ty Lee (waiter at a local Bosco's restaurant)
  • Chey (victim)
  • Ghashiun (suspect)
  • Sha-Mo (suspect)


The Earth Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with a very industrial economy. Even though it's a monarchy, the monarch has been reduced to a ceremonial figure, which means most political power is assigned to the elected officials. Ba Sing Se serves as the biggest financial center in the world. It has the largest GDP in the world but also harbors the largest population, of which 30% is foreign born.

The Fire Nation is a constitutional republic with a very patriotic nature. Its high-tech-based economy is the reason why the world has multi-purpose broadband Internet, advanced PDAs, cars, flat-screen displays, electric trains and all advanced technology available. Seeing as this turned the Fire Nation into the wealthiest nation in the world, they don't have ambitions to pull their imperial stunt again. It must be noted that the Fire Nation does maintain some enclaves on the west coast of the EK.

The Water Tribe Confederation is a confederation that embodies the former northern and Southern Water Tribes. Nowadays, these entities are simply known as "The North" and "The South", with their own, political structures. The North is a traditionalist constitutional monarchy, while The South is a more progressive republic. There's also a dispute over what is now a mostly swamp filled province of the Earth Kingdom, which the Water Tribe Confederation claims for itself. Internally divided, the confederation acts as a single entity on international affairs. The confederation's economy is the weakest of all nation, and their main source of income is the GHI, which has helped the nation to reach a more reasonable standard of living. With aid from the EK, the Water Tribe Confederation was able to build a big dome on both of their major territories that provide the inhabitants with a more suitable place to live in.

The Air Nomads' Republic is a constitutional republic which is pretty neutral in nature. The only thing they seem to do is fly people around via a vast network of sky bison air lines. Because there's a huge demand for it, even with the competition from the FN, the republic makes enough money to import just about everything they need. This allows it's people to live a moderately comfortable lifestyle with relatively little industrialization, something that the Air Nomads are still not very fond of.

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