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Korra was lost. At least, that was the thing that was probably closest to describing how she felt right now.

Graduating was for her, like it was for a lot of people, a sort of 'now what?'-moment. She didn't get a job straight out of college, so instead, she worked at a movie theater until she could find a real job. The pay was okay and it got her and her friends some early movie access, so it would do the trick for now.

But of course, it was just something she did to pay the bills, split the rent with Opal, her flatmate. The job hunt was on, but the way it felt today was like the jobs took the rifle from her and shot her instead.

-"Hey, Kor," Opal jovially greeted her when she stepped in again. "How'd it go?"

Korra loudly groaned as she dropped onto the couch, tossing her bag in a chair.

-"That bad, huh? Want some jelly beans to cheer you up?"

"Come on, Ope, something stronger."

-"Full-fat ice cream?"



"Now we're getting somewhere." Korra graciously took the bottle from her flatmate, taking a long swig. "It went bad. Like really, really bad." She sighed. "I had the interview with my ex."

Opal looked confused. "Mako? Bolin always said he became a cop."

"He did, I meant the other one."

-"Oh. Yeah, that sounds bad. Was it awkward?"

Korra nodded. "You have no idea. It was stilted and clumsy and neither of us really knew what to say. I couldn't have blown it harder if I'd have thrown up on her shoes." She took another swig from the beer, finally realizing that it was actually disgusting. "Don't we have anything other than this piss?"

At this, Opal chuckled. "Yeah, there's some vodka left over from Saturday, same as this beer."

"That's more like it." Korra slouched over, already ridding herself of her tie, jacket, and started unbuttoning her shirt. Maybe a navy blue suit, white shirt, and white tie was overdoing it a little, but on the other hand, it were her best clothes.

Still, at least there was liquor to wash away the nasty aftertaste. Hopefully the hangover would prevent her from feeling bad about the job in the morning too, and she'd only feel bad about finishing the half of Opal's vodka that was left.

By the time Korra fell back on the couch, she was down to her tank top and suit pants. Those would soon be replaced by either sweats or nothing, depending on whether or not Opal would leave.

-"Korra..." Opal cautiously began to try and relieve the silence that had fallen. "You broke up with Asami for a good reason and she is not a vindictive person. I wouldn't count yourself out just yet."

"You go ahead and do that for me then," Korra bitterly remarked after taking a large gulp of vodka. "You didn't see her after I pulled the trigger. Metaphorically, I mean. She was... I broke her heart, Ope. I'm surprised she didn't toss my application in the shredder straight away."

Opal smiled. "See, the fact that she didn't is a good sign."

Korra sighed again. "I dunno. I really liked the job, suited my degree perfectly. Well, there's always this," she said, taking another swig, straight out of the bottle.

This made her flatmate chuckle. "Alright, tonight is for sulking, tomorrow you go back to the movie theater, and next week, you go back to sending out applications. I was gonna go over to Bolin's place, but I could also just stay here and watch some Netflix with you. He'll understand."

"That's really sweet of you, Ope, but you don't have to. I'd rather walk around without pants."

Opal laughed out loud. "You know that creeps me out. How are you not cold without them?"

"Grew up in a cold climate. Anyway, we both haves dates, though yours is alive and mine is clear and comes in a bottle," she said, loving stroking the bottle. This was pretty good stuff.

-"Alright," Opal said and pulled Korra in for a quick hug. "But if I find you pantsless on the couch again because you were too lazy to walk to your bed, I'm waking you up with a bucket of cold water."


The next morning, Korra found she did keep to the deal, sort of. Even though she finished the bottle of vodka and left Netflix running, she did make it back to her bed.

Working in a movie theater was kind of ideal for a night owl like her, because movie theaters never really start before three in the afternoon, so there was plenty of time to work off a hangover and at least look presentable.

The afternoon showing of some movie Korra wouldn't watch in a million years just started, so it was quiet now. Her counter was clean, so she could lean back a bit and play some Candy Crush before Tenzin would notice anything.

-"Afternoon," some woman piped up.

Korra fumbled with her phone and only just managed to stop herself from dropping it. "Hello, sorry. I thought I had a moment," she said and only then really looked up to see who it was. "Well, fuck me sideways," Korra swore under her breath.

Asami smiled. "Nice to see you, too."

"What are you here to do, rub salt in the wound?"

-"Korra..." Asami did actually look a little hurt by this. "Do you really think that little of me?"

The darker girl sighed. "Well, no, but after yesterday... low-hanging fruit and all that. Figured you'd be here to laugh at me."

Asami nodded. "Guess you'd think I hold grudges or something."

"Well, I dumped you. It's not a little thing to be vindictive about."

-"I didn't want to do this over the phone, I think you'd need some explanation for this."

Korra sighed, because she knew what was coming. "Well, there's a shocker. Can we get this over with quickly?"

-"Korra, you got the job."

"Ha! I knew - wait, what?!"

Asami smiled again. "You were the best candidate among the dozen or so who had their interviews. That's the official read on things anyway, and the only one that really matters."

A single raised eyebrow was Korra's best response. "And the unofficial read?"

-"I know you, and I know that you're good for the job. I didn't preselect the candidates I would be interviewing, so I was kind of surprised to see you there. They took my recommendation, where I said that we went to the same college together and that you were a dedicated worker when you put your mind to something. That was enough to sway my bosses to hire you." It briefly fell silent between them. "I think the words you're looking for are 'thank you'."

Korra was too flabbergasted to really say anything and was listening to the whole rant with her mouth literally hanging open. "I... honestly don't know what to say. Thanks."

-"You're welcome. But Korra, I'm serious when I say that I don't want there to be any bad blood between us. We used to date, but now we're not anymore."

"But what about when I dumped you? I remember the way I left you like it was yesterday. Better than yesterday, actually, because I killed that bottle of vodka way too fast."

Asami sighed. "Yes," she softly said. "You broke my heart, and I spent the next two days crying. But it was also something that I knew needed to happen, and you just had the guts to actually end it whereas I... didn't. You were busy with college, I was busy with my first job, so there wasn't any time for 'us'. Neither one of us put enough effort into our relationship, so as far as I'm concerned, we're both to blame for it failing."

Korra let that sink in for a while. No, their relationship wasn't the healthiest by the end, but even though she was the one to break it off, she didn't think it was beyond repair if Asami really wanted to. Part of her was probably hoping Asami would see this as well, and that she would come back to her to try and mend it, but that never happened. Now, three years later, Korra was still single, maybe in the hope that Asami would come back to her one day. "I suppose..." she said. "That doesn't explain why you stuck your neck out to hire me, though."

-"Told them the truth," Asami shrugged. "I said that you were even willing to do the unpleasant thing when it's necessary, which I know to be true." The remark sounded a little bitter, but it was true, mostly.

Having someone on the inside was always the biggest advantage you could have when looking for a job, it just wasn't the insider Korra was expecting. "What if someone figures out that we actually used to date?"

Again, Asami didn't appear to be fazed by this. "That's on me, not you. Besides, don't you think the fact that I'm your ex and still vouch for you is a good sign?"

Korra gave her a 'fair enough'-nod. "I guess..."

-"Korra, shouldn't you get back to work?" Tenzin called out from across the hall. "Theater 3 still needs to be swept."

"Yeah, I'll get on it." She turned back to Asami. "I guess this is it for now. When do I start?"

Asami smiled. "Next week. By the way, wear that suit again. It looked good on you."

Korra just couldn't stop herself from blushing as she watched Asami walk away again. This was certainly not how she expected this day to go.

Just a silly little thing I wrote. Bigger things to come, people. If there is a lot of demand to continue it, I might do so. Or not if I don't feel like it.

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