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Dai Li agents
Inside the Dai Li
General information




Original run

July 9, 2014




Avatar: The Last Airbender


As a child, Huojin wondered what the Dai Li really were. To his family, they're simply the "cultural protectors" of Ba Sing Se. But in his suspicions, the Dai Li had a much darker secret. Despite this, he idolized them and longed to be part of the Dai Li. This idolization led him to enlisting to train and become a fully-fledged Dai Li, only to discover the untold secrets.


Huojin is a 14-year-old boy, born during Roku's time, and living in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. He idolizes the Dai Li and respects their duty as "cultural protector". Despite this, he grows very suspicious of the mysterious organisation, which led him to enlisting and subsequently joining the secret police. As a descendant of Oma and Shu, he is a naturally talented earthbender and was able to perform advanced techniques at a young age. This earned him a place in the Dai Li training academy. Huojin is brave, kind, overconfident, and has a strong sense of curiosity. He has a secret crush on his childhood friend, Lin.

Lin is Huojin's childhood friend and a 14-year-old girl living in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. She is known for her unconditional kindness as well as her talent in the martial arts. She's been friends with Houjin ever since they were children and has been by his side ever since. She has a crush on Huojin.

Hui is Huojin's Dai Li partner. He is 14 years old. Hui is a natural earthbender and quickly assimilated the art at a young age. Unlike Huojin, he was forced to join the Dai Li by his parents who thought his talent was being wasted. Hui is passive and only fights in situations where his friends and family are in danger. Despite his earthbending not being as powerful as Huojin's, he is smarter and able to formulate strategies on the spot. However, his intelligence is hindered by his low self-esteem as well as the trauma of the Dai Li's harsh training.

Akihito is Hui and Houjin's mentor. Just like Hui, he was forced into the Dai Li. Because of this, he sympathizes with Hui and helps him overcome his trauma. He works at training Dai Li students instead of working in the field. Akihito is heartwarming and kind, but when snapped to the breaking point, he ruthlessly attacks any opponent who gets in his way.


  1. End of A Chapter
  2. A Dangerous Task

Author's Notes

  • This is my first time doing a full fanon series, as such I try improve and update chapters.
  • After a ~long hiatus, I'm reviving the series!

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