Inner Workings
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23rd September, 2014

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They pace nervously. They don't like the way your roving eyes take in each and every detail. You can't escape, they tell themselves. There's no way an armless woman can get out of a cage suspended over lava.

They still fear you, though. No longer do they laugh at your attempts to eat, hampered but not stopped by your lack of limbs. They learnt the first day as you spat your drinking water through the head of a mousey-haired boy who had dared to laugh.

Of course, you don't have those problems anymore. The guards are silent, and don't upset you. Much. Water is too precious to waste here, and it evaporates too fast to save it for later use. It doesn't mean your mind relaxes, though. You're thinking, always, always thinking.

The sinister smiles you send towards some of the guards are enough to scare them, but not terrify. They think themselves safe, though you note that they do update the prison every once in a while. You hear hushed whispers, saying why. They can't have you plotting too many ways to escape, otherwise you would actually do it when you discovered one that would work.

They seem to forget about the water issue.

You take note of which guards seem the most skittish. Which guards never take the same shifts as certain other ones. You watch how they interact, because you know that your plan, as with all good plans, rely on the people who stood in your way, and nothing else. But, it's more than that.

Some of them have special uniforms. Some put on weight, some lose it. You heard a story about maternity leave, and about weddings. You notice the crumbs and stains of the apparel of one guard in particular—a boy, of only about nineteen, twenty, with dark locks jutting out from beneath his hat. He keeps his head lowered to the ground, a perpetual expression of sadness etched on his face, and you know you've got him. He's the one. You can use him.

The boy always wanted to be a pastry chef...

what even the fuck is this idk leave me alone

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