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Mian continues his firebending training but it is not going well. Meanwhile, something sinister is arising in the north.


"Whoa, that's a whole lot of pointy things!" said Ami.

Ami and Tia were looking at the weapons store room, so that Ami could find a weapon she liked.

"Yep, take anything you want we have hundreds more," said Hai.

"You know as a peaceful, fair, and utopian culture I come from this might not be the best idea, but these all look so awesome!" Ami replied.

"Yeah...okay, so pick one anyone," said Hai.

"Hmmm...what about this big spiky thing?" asked a curious Ami.

"Well, come on Mian this is going to take a while "said Zura

"Yeah, we are going to be on the archery field," said Hai.

"Right!" said Mian

Mian was back in the training field and was doing no better than yesterday.

"No, keep your arms straight " yelled Zura.

"It's harder than it sounds," yelled back Mian.

"No, just keep it as straight as you can, feel that inner flame...why are you acting so immature," yelled Zura.

"Me...Just look at you!" said Mian.

"Yeah...just...Arghhh!" replied Zura.

"Just...Stop YELLING!" Screamed Mian, as he was yelling fire shot out of his hands.

Zura absorbed the attack, and grinned.

"That's how I learnt fire bending, the best yet the hardest," said a grinning Zura.

"Humph...Well, Mr. Harsh...I'm going to go relax," said Mian as he headed towards a tree.

Zura joined Mian and opened the packed lunch and started eating the apple.

Trying to start a conversation, Mian asked, "So...nice weather...right."

"I suppose..." replied Zura.

"So...How's it going with Ami" asked Mian, again trying to start something.

"What's that supposed to mean, and I could ask the same for you and Tia!" snapped Zura.

"Just...Shut up, okay!" replied Mian.

"Let's go see what the girls...I mean Hai is doing," said Zura, knowing Hai would be with the girls.

"Yeah...I guess..." said Mian.

Ami had finally decided on a bow and arrows, because she could use the air currents around the arrow.

"Okay, so pull back and...let go " explained Hai.

"Right!" replied Ami.

She grabbed three arrows and shot all three, and each one landed right on top of each other right on the bulls eye.

"Whoa, and you never had archery lessons?" asked Hai.

"Nope" Grinned Ami.

Tia then pulled out her old diamond staff, and shot out 3 shards. All 3 were bull's eye, and each shattered the other.

"See, they are doing better than me!" said Mian, as he walked on to the archery field.

"Wow, they are...well...fine...*cough*I like you, Ami*cough*," said a slightly blushing Zura.

"What?!"Said Ami.

"Nothing...Just a bad cough...I should...ah...see a medic...or something, yeah..." replied Zura.

"Right..." Grinned Mian.

Soon, everyone was relaxing under large oak tree eating lunch. It was quiet until Tia began talking.

"You know...if our parents don't like these islands, then why don't they attack?"

"The Avatar Aang pact "replied Ami.

"Or the New World Declaration" added Zura.

"And those are...?"asked Tia.

"The agreement that the four original nations signed, it stated that there would be no war for as long as possible, a minimum of two centuries," said Hai.

"There's a copy in every library, and I know you've been to at least one" Teased Mian.

"Oh...Shut up!" said a blushing Tia.

"Alright, everything seems to be perfect ," said Jeong.

"Mr. Jeong, how do we know your plan will work?" asked a masked individual.

Jeong and a small group were in a small one room bunker of a clan not too far away from the Leaf Clan.

"I promise it will, and don't you want revenge against the Leaf clan?" Questioned Jeong.

"It better, your plan is very expensive," said the masked man.

"No worries, and this time I have a secret weapon," said Jeong, pointing at a corner.

From the corner of the bunker, within the shadows, a voice called out. "So, when will we attack?"

It was a girl.


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