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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Inheritance in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.



In Inheritance, the story begins with the birth of Tenzin, Katara and Aang's third child, and the only airbender of the three. The entirety of the plot deals with the trials and tribulations of Tenzin in his younger years. From his birth, exploring his past, and all the way to roaming Republic City, Inheritance delves deep into the young airbender's life, providing the tale that molded Tenzin into the amazing person, talented bender, and trustworthy friend he is today.

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Aang and Tenzin

Latest Chapter

Whispers in the Wind

A leaf in the wind
Prologue - Lost - Reminiscent - Strength - Adventure - Awakening - Change of Pace - Whispers in the Wind
Fruipit - Kugumi - Past Editor: PreservationsWings


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Responses and Quotes

"This is a beautiful piece of writing. The descriptions touched my senses and painted works of art. It's like poetry, and I love it."
"This fanon series is soo realistic, original and professional that it should be a part of the actual series. It's the most original and well written fanon I've ever read."
"Once I started reading the fanon, I couldn't stop!"
"Overall very excellent!"
The lucky mango
"This is amazing. Probably better than some books I've read."
— An Anonymous Contributor
"A beautiful story that focuses on an original idea that I have never read before, and never even considered, Bray is taking the portal by storm with his one-shots; however, they can't compare to the sheer genius that is Inheritance."


10/5/2013 - The Drought is Over
The next chapter is here, the schedule is back, the series is moving forward. I've been so busy these past few months, I forgot how much I loved to write -- which is something that will never happen again. Get ready: I've hit the ground running.

9/16/2013 - Major Update
I am busily writing the next chapter after chatting with my beta-reader, and I have a definite plan for future chapters as well. Get ready, the chapters are coming SOON.

9/4/2013 - Updates and Such
A new cover image for Inheritance was drawn by Minnichi, and I have to give my utmost thanks! It's beautiful and completely captures the emotion I try to infuse my writing with. I know I've said this before, but seriously -- I owe you one!

Also! I have written about 90% of the newest chapter, and have now started back on my writing schedule since the school year is in full-swing (it keeps me sane!). I'll have it sent off to one of my awesome editors and soon it will be available to your reading eyes! Bear with me -- the summertime hiatus is soon to come to an end!

5/18/2013 - New Chapter
A brand new chapter, edited by Kugumi (thank you Kugumi!), was posted. Check it out!

4/10/2013 - FFF Interview
An interview was published a few days back. Major thanks to Fruipit!

Also, the new chapter is coming along great. Expect it in the next few days.
4/3/2013 - New Cover Image
There is now a new cover image courtesy of Kugumi!
4/3/2013 - Fanonbending Status
Inheritance has achieved its first fanonbending status. Thank you all, it means the world to me!
3/9/2013 - Fanonbending Nomination
Inheritance has been nominated by Ty for fanonbending status! Do you wish to vote? The link is here.
3/8/2013 - FRS Review
Inheritance earned an 8.93 in Ty's review.
2/17/2013 - New Chapter
The newest installment of Inheritance is now published for viewing! Please check it out, and give me some feedback.

  • The link to the new chapter is here.

2/3/2013 - Update Page Creation
Attention all fans, if you want to stay updated on all things Inheritance, visit the newly created update page! Here, you will find information regarding writing, along with sneak-peaks, and future plans.

  • The news and updates page is here!

2/2/2013 - Starting the Transcript
Hello everyone, fans and newcomers! This is the new Inheritance Transcript, which will let you know exactly what is happening around this fanon and it's creator, ByBray! Anyone who is interested in reading this fanon should check out the following link:

  • The link to the first chapter is here.

FRS Reviews

Typhoonmaster's review: 8.93


The Past's Future






Change of Pace

Whispers in the Wind
Future chapter links will be placed here.

Note From the Author

When I first started this series, all it consisted of were a few ideas, and a rough outline of what I wanted the first chapters to pertain to. As I started writing more often, I met some friends along the way who supported me in a multitude of ways, and allowed me to convey my thoughts onto pages. So, if you are interested in writing your own fanon, you don't have to do it alone; I was lucky enough to find friends that help me out whenever I trip up. Give it a shot. You never know when those meaningless ideas can morph into a brilliant creation.

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