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Infinity Order
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The Infinity Order is an organization in the fanon Avatar: Bridge to Infinity.


The Infinity Order was created over 5000 years ago by a mysterious individual known only as Forerunner. They believed in the need to re-purify the planet as it was scarred and wounded by centuries of war.

Today the Order is run by the Three Emperors of Infinity Josik, Malefic and Luccaino. They run the Order with challenge and each co-ordinate their soldiers from a base in the Patola Mountains. The Order's goal remains a mystery but seems to center around the purifying of the world. They number in the thousands with some units operating in public while others take a more...secretive approach to their duties.


The Three Emperors

The Three Emperors are responsible for the overall actions of the order as each Emperor governs a specific area which they specialize in. (Josik -Unknown, Malefic -Military and Luccaino - Intelligence). They run the Order without any objections and if anyone did step out of line, Malefic would quickly silence them.


Infinity Sword


'Malefic's Infinity Sword'

The Infinity sword is a blade made purely from the legendary metal Orichalcum and it has a liquid crystal core. The Liquid Crystal reads the user's chi and detects what element they use, Malefic for example is air, and alters the blade's chemistry to better suit that element. Therefore, the blade can increase a user's elemental power ten-fold. A simple air swipe that can only just cut through wood can be altered to be able to cut through steel like butter.


Infinity Gauntlets

Josik has a unique variant of the Infinity Sword in the form of gauntlets with razor sharp blades lining the edges. Josik will only use these deadly weapons if he is under intense pressure due to their destructive power.

Infinity Sword (Claymore)

Luccaino, like most Infinity Order Waterbenders, uses the sword to increase his Waterbendings's power massive.


'The mysterious Seal'

He is also an expert in using the sword in close-combat as no opponent The sword itself is made of the legendary metal Orichalcum and can cleave any other weapon in two effortlessly. Embedded in its core is circular liquid crystal which reads the user's element and alters the blade chemically to conduct that element better.

Luccaino uses a modified version of the sword in the style of a claymore, This increases the sword's power output allowing for more impressive techniques. This does come at a cost however, as the sword can only stay active for short periods of time.

The Seal

Only seen once so far, the seal has the power to increase the power of any person under its massively. It also has a two-way function allowing a picture of the battle to be transmitted back to the throne room.

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