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Infinite Empire
Political information
Type of government

Imperialist magocracy


Declaration of War

Executive branch

Imperial Council

Legislative branch

Imperial Senate

Judicial branch

Imperial Court

Societal information

Ba Sing Se


Imperial Credit


Victory Day


Imperial March

Political information
Succeeded by
  • Pre-Avatar era
  • Post-Avatar era

The Infinite Empire, also called the Imperials or the Infinite Imperium, was a large empire of Energybenders. The Infinite Empire was created in the time before the Avatar and the four nations, by the Emperor of Taku. After conquering the world in a three-year campaign, the Emperor (whose name was Nagoya) declared himself Emperor of Earth, thus founding the Infinite Empire.


Formation/Early Days

The Infinite Empire was formed at an unknown date before the creation of the Avatar, in the time of Energybending. The Empire was the first ever nation recorded in history, spanning the entire planet. It was founded after a man named Nagoya came to power in the Si Wong Desert. He led a long campaign in which he conquered the world using his highly trained military of Energybenders and non bender warriors. Shortly afterwards, he begun construction of his grand capitol, Ba Sing Se.


See also: Imperial Armed Forces

The Infinite Empire's Armed Forces was enormous. The Empire recruited almost every male age 17 or above for the Imperial Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marines. The troops were given good training, and tested on what position they were given. However, the military was defeated by rebels and insurgents lead by the First Avatar. The Empire provided advanced technology for the military, about equal to the equipment used in the time of Fire Lord Ozai. It worked closely with the law enforcement agencies of the Empire.

Law Enforcement

See also: Imperial Law Enforcement

The Empire controlled the entire world at its peak, and thus had several law enforcement agencies to, theoretically, defend the people. In reality, the Imperial Police and Investigative Committee made sure no citizen crossed the Empire, and were known for their brutality. The Police was also known to be corrupt. Personnel were given paramilitary training and worked closely with the armed forces.

Behind the Scenes

The name of the empire was from Star Wars, along with the names Rakata, Lehon, and Csilla. They were from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic computer game. I am a major Star Wars fan and thus have many Star Wars references in my writing.

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