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April 30, 2010

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Infiltration is the twenty sixth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Team Avatar searches for the mayor of Torung Village, though they encounter some trouble.


Appa soars into the air, with Aang flying beside him on his glider. "We need to find him!" Aang says, before beginning to pull away from the rest of the group. Aang flies down to the ground, skimming the surface for any sign of the Dai Li's trail. As he is scanning the ground, he sees Appa soar past him, going off into the distance as he expected. He had his bison whistle if he found them, so that wasn't an issue.

He flies all over the area, looking for a sign of the Dai Li. After not finding anything, he comes up with an idea. He hops off his glider, and lands softly. He grins as he closes his eyes.

The rest of the Team were following Aang's suggestion. They were searching the area for any sign of the Dai Li's trail. If the Dai Li had gotten out of Aang's range, it was their job to catch them. They circled the air for a while, all in vain. Eventually they decide that the Dai Li would have gone underground. Appa touched down on the ground, and the team jumped off. Toph's face shows a grin. She kneels down and feels the ground. "Just like I thought..." She gets a firm grip on the ground, and it eventually crumbles away. "There's a tunnel!" After the team jumps in Toph kneels again. "They're down here all right... They're in the other direction! Let's go!"

"But I can't see down here!" Sokka screams.

"With me you don't need to!" Toph replies, before a clever Zuko creates a flame in his hand.


"Very much, thank you." Sokka replies in the sarcastic tone he was famous for.

They eventually run into a large metal door blocking their path. "They haven't learned?" Toph says. "Too easy." She approaches the door and the door is crushed out of their way. The agent behind the door is barely awake, and is quickly wrapped in the metal from the door. The team runs past the agent, with Sokka laughing at the defeated agent.

As they passed the agent, they noticed that the hall was lit by green lanterns. "This is just like Lake Laogai." Zuko notes.

"When were you down there?" Katara asks.

"I told you, I set Appa free," Zuko replies.

"How could I forget?" Katara says with sarcasm. They continue down the hall, and notice the lack of guards. They eventually reach another large, metal door surrounded by orange lanterns.

"A metal door? Really?" Sokka asks, with his usual sarcasm.

"There must be something behind it." Zuko replies.

"Perfect..." Toph grins and walks up to the door. She knocks on the door lightly before bringing her arm back, ready to strike the door.

"What's the password?" a voice replies from the other side of the door, stopping Toph dead in her tracks.

"Uhhh... What password would the Dai Li want?" Sokka whispers to Zuko. "Ummm... Hail Long Feng?"

Toph never gives the guard on the other side enough time to respond, as she crushes the door and repels it into the other side of the hall. The agent behind it managed to quickly dodge, but is knocked against the wall by a water whip from Katara. He slumps to the ground, but the echo of the metal door's collapse causes many agents to arrive in the halls as the guard looses consciousness.

"Great..." Sokka whines, drawing his sword.

Aang is running along the halls of the base, as he found the tunnels in the same way Toph did. An agent heard him and emerged from the wall to attack him, but he was knocked back by an air jet. The agent sunk into the earth and a massive earth wall emerged in front of Aang's path. Aang crashed through it, but the agent fired a barrage of earth bullets at him. Aang creates a massive air sphere around him, and the bullets disintegrate. Aang raises his hand and a wave of earth slams into the agent's chest, forcing him into the hall's wall. The agent slumps to the ground, and Aang condenses water and freezes the agent's limbs to the ground. He continues on, eventually running into a metal door. "Where's Toph when I need her?" Aang mumbles to himself. Aang tries an air swipe, but the door doesn't budge. A voice comes from behind the door What's the Password?

Aang scratches his head for a moment, and comes up with an idea. Aang launches a fire blast at the door. The door glows a bright orange in its heat, and Aang quickly cools it with a cool air jet. Aang then tunnels under the earth and emerges on the other side of the door. The guard is stuck to the door, and Aang smiles at him. "I don't know the password. I hope you don't mind." and leaves to continue his search.

The rest of the team continues down the hall, with Toph guiding their path. "Sokka, don't go down that hall!" She yells as he looks into a window to another room.

"What? I'm not going in..." Katara pulls him with the rest of the group. They arrive at another door and Toph blows the door away, and a scream is heard from behind the door. The team checks, and see Aang knocking the door away with an air blast.

"How did you guys get here?" Aang asks, confused.

"We found a path underground. How did you get down here?" Toph asks, equally confused.

"Same way. I guess you taught me well." Aang says, smiling.

The Interrogation

Long Feng paces around a room, with an older man in the center. "And how long have you known about this man?" Long Feng asks, menacingly.

"I have told you everything I know: This man you speak of entered town, stayed for a few days, helped some villagers with a dispute and left. He said that he was trying to see the entire kingdom so he couldn't stay long. That's all I know. Please leave me be." the man says sternly.

"But those helpful things he did for you: that's why you're keeping him hidden from me, isn't it?"

"I've told you everything I know. I can do nothing else."

"But I know th-" Long Feng was cut off by an agent entering the room. "What is it now?"

"Sir! It's the Avatar! He's in the base! What should we do?"

"How did he get in the base?" Thoughts race through Long Feng's mind, trying to remember anything that could have given them away. "How?"

"Sir, we don't know? What are your orders?" the agent repeats.

"Get them out of here! They won't ruin my plans again!"


  • Unlike normal chapters, the next chapter will pick up where this one left off.

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