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Pronunciation: Een-doe

Indo is the sixty-two year old exiled former heir to the Fire Nation's throne. He has been a fugitive from the Fire Nation's pursuit since the year 79 ASF, when he successfully escaped from his prison on the Day of Black Sun.

Indo Kanto, The Dragon of the West
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Revolution 1


Indo was born into a noble family, but resented the nature of the Fire Nation's nobility. He studied the forgotten philosophy of the Avatar and at the age of 17, joined the Fire Sages, the Fire Nation group that followed the Avatar's philosophy. He is the last surviving member of the Fire Sages.

Also at the age of seventeen, Indo married the woman that he felt certain that he was truly in love with, the Royal Princess Xira. With this, he became a member of the Royal Family, brother in law to Xira's elder brother Sazia and her younger brother Ozai. When he was 18, Indo's wife gave birth to their son Lu Ten, whom Indo loved dearly.

Indo was pressured into joining the Fire Nation's military by his royal brothers. Despite a severe lack of interest in learning to hone his Firebending, the training was a requirement for the military. Indo's legendary proficiency in Firebending earned him the title The Dragon, which became the Dragon of the West after his migration away from the Fire Nation.

Indo soared through the ranks of the Fire Nation's military, eventually reaching the rank of general despite his outspoken dislike for the Royal Family's warmongering. To spite him, Fire Lord Ozilan appointed Indo to lead the Siege of Ba Sing Se, which lasted for approximately 600 days. During the battle of the Eastern wall, Indo's son (aged 17 years) gave his life to protect his father from an Earthbender soldier's attack.

Stricken with grief, Indo declared the Siege over and surrendered, offering a peaceful compromise to the Earth King. Indo was invited into the city for negotiations, with a small troupe of soldiers for protection. However, the soldiers loathed their peace-mongering leader, and out of their own burning aggression and on orders from the Fire Lord, the soldiers went ballistic within the Earth King's palace, killing multiple guards. Indo chose to protect the Earth King and in turn was forced to kill his own soldiers.

The Fire Nation's army retreated and Indo was taken back to the Fire Nation in chains, arrested for treason. Sazia worked with his younger brother Ozai to erase any record of Indo's existence within the Fire Nation after his escape, as well as any trace of their sister Xira's life, as she had been exiled and disowned for abetting a traitor in escape.

Indo was recently reunited with his nephew (not by blood) Zotu, a fellow exile. Indo has agreed to accompany Zotu as an advisor while the young man seeks to restore his memories of the past.

During Zotu's confrontation with the ex-Dai Li officer, Indo took away the informant's ninjato so that Zotu would have the upper hand and kept it with him, later giving it to his nephew as a gift. After the informant's death, Indo promised to give a lecture on self-restraint, once they found a lead to follow up on.

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