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Action, thriller, crime




Count Kibbles N Bits




Count Kibbles N Bits


The Legend of Korra


19 years since the death of Korra, the new Avatar has still not been found. The world has gone into turmoil, Prince Wu's fledgling Earth Federation has stood on the brink for three arduous decades, plagued by political corruption, civil war, military coups, famine, and droughts. Only through foreign aid does the government not topple to the ground. Refugees flood into the neighboring URN, where they are quickly alienated towards the city's poorest districts, where poverty and crime thrive. Many immigrants, enlist into the military and are sent out to aid the Earth Federation fight off the various Earth Empire remnants and warlords that spring up. Others turn to criminal activity, most of which revolves around various forms of trafficking. Earth Federation attempts to revitalize its economy and pay off its debts by annexing former Air Nomad lands to the north and south for mining and off shore drilling of oil have been met with stigma and sanctions from the rest of the world, particularly the Water Tribes, who control most of the world's oil supplies. Powerful sandbending chiefdoms control the Si Wong Desert, keeping Federal forces from tapping into the region's possible oil supplies and creating a monopoly on the potent narcotic "Cactus Juice".


Fanon Incarnation character. 1
Fanon Incarnation character 2


  1. Beneath Her Gaze
  2. Shindig
  3. My Lady
  4. Walk

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