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In the Woods
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It was a beautiful morning. Team Avatar had stopped to camp after leaving Naogui Village and had spent the night in a forest. Now, the birds were singing without a care on this fine morning as Toph awoke. The only other person awake was Kato. "Hey, Kato," Toph greeted her friend.

"Hey, Toph," Kato replied. "It sure is a nice day," He added. "Hey, I noticed we are out of food so I'm going to have to go hunting. I'll be back in an hour." Kato informed his companion.

"I'll come with you." Toph offered.

"You don't have to do that," Kato insisted. "There could be Platypus Bears out here and I don't want you to get hurt."

"Please, if I can take on a Saber-Tooth Moose Lion I can handle whatever is out here. Let's go." Toph retorted. She and Kato trekked further into the woods, finding nothing for a while. Soon, the pair found a group of Turkey-Ducks and prepared to strike. Toph prevented their escape with an earth wall while Kato leapt out of their hiding spot and threw a net over the creatures. "Great catch, Kato!" Toph congratulated him.

"Thanks. That was some nice Earthbending!" Kato returned the compliment.

"I know." Toph said, proudly before walking off to find more prey to catch. Kato smiled and joined her. The two continued to search but found nothing for a while until they finally encountered something and it was not another Turkey-Duck.

Aang was the last to wake up. He exited his tent and saw the concern on his friends' faces. "Hey, guys. What is wrong?" He asked.

"Toph and Kato have been gone for a long time and we don't know where they are." Katara explained.

"You guys are worried about those two?" Aang asked, confused.

"For all we know they could have gotten mauled by a Gopher Bear by now." Sokka said.

"You guys should have more faith in them." Ai spoke up.

"Yeah, you guys are right." Suki agreed.

"This is one stubborn beast!" Kato shouted.

"Yeah, I'll say!" Toph yelled. She launched a boulder at the Tigerdillo they had encountered. The fearsome beast evaded with ease and ran at Toph who summoned an earth pillar to send the beast spiraling backwards. It got up and roared again.

"That thing sure is feisty." Kato said, admiring the beast that had tried to maul them.

"Quit gawking at it and help me!" Toph yelled.

"I think you should handle this, Toph. You can bend and my swords are no match for a Tigerdillo." Kato insisted.

"Fine," Toph replied. With several quick movements of her wrists, the blind Earthbender elevated the ground under the Tigerdillo's feet, sending it up into the sky and back down to the ground with a loud thud. The creature scampered away, whimpering.

"You have done it again, Toph." Kato congratulated his friend.

"Alright, now let's get out of here." Toph motioned for them to leave the woods.

"See, I told you guys they were okay." Suki said as Kato and Toph returned to camp.

"Please, you were worried that I would get into trouble with her by my side?" Kato asked, coolly.

Toph appreciated the boy's comments. "Who wants Turkey-Duck?" She asked, holding up the net they had used in the woods.

Everyone had had enough to eat and Team Avatar was preparing to sleep. Toph saw Kato entering his tent and decided to thank him for his compliments, although it was not usually in her nature to do so, there was something she liked about Kato. "Hey, buddy," she said, casually.

"Hey, Toph, what's up?" Kato responded.

"I just wanted to thank you for being so supportive in the woods today. That was sweet of you." The Earthbender thanked him.

"No problem, Toph, Kato replied. "Goodnight, see you tomorrow." He called as Toph began walking back to her tent.

"Goodnight." She called back.

Zuko and Mai had reached the Seedy Merchants pier. The couple knew if they needed info, they would find it here for secrets were one of the many things traded here. The two entered what was most likely the seediest tavern on the whole pier and looked around. It only took Zuko seconds to spot someone he knew had info. Mai saw him next. The pair slowly approached the man and sat down next to him. It was Zuko who spoke first. "Look, I know you know things. I know you have been hired to carry out assassinations on many people in the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation." He started.

Mai finished his sentence. "So basically, we know you know the location of Former Fire Lady Ursa. And we can either do this the easy way or the hard way."

The man they were talking to grinned. "Well, why do things the hard way when you can make them easy?" Hong Wu replied.

Author's Notes

  • This chapter was designed as a filler after being given advice from both BlackMonkey and Bahjy1
  • The name of this chapter was inspired by the name of the musical, "Into the Woods."

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