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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in The Awakening.

Chapter Ninety-Six: In the Storm

"Ka . . ." he murmurs, and all is black.



Swept away.

And then—



He sits upright, and he winces. His world is blurry; his vision sways back and forth. "What happened?" he groans, putting his hand onto his stomach, and he can barely hear himself. He raises his head to gaze at the starry—

"Oh no."

He's off the bed in an instant, and his left foot burns as he shifts his weight to it. His heart thrums loudly. He reaches for the glider, propped up against the wall, and almost falls forward; stumbling towards the door, he unlatches it and leans against it, peering through the crack.


Hobbling outside, wincing in pain, he uses his glider as a staff, steadying himself on it and the wall. Suddenly, he hears movement, and he glances around a corner to see a pair of Fire Nation soldiers. His eyes widen; gasping, he rolls back on his heels and moves forward, casting a great gust with his glider.

He lurches forward and moves.

"He's awake! Stop! Wait!"

He has to get away. He has to get away.


Breathing rapidly, his heart complaining of its newfound burden, he ascends them swiftly, though each step brings more pain than the last. The soldiers are so close, so close—he leaps the last step, but suddenly he flails and finds himself falling through the air, the glider tumbling from his hand, his chin connecting with a crack to the metal.

He raises his head to stare at his captors—the men who will—

He can't believe it.


The winged lemur, enjoying the Fire Nation soldier's petting, swivels his head to glance at him. He shakily gets to his knees, and Momo leaps onto him and curls around his head, licking his cheek protectively.

"Twinkle Toes, that's got to be you!"


And then—


She's standing there.

Running up to him.


He doesn't understand. What . . . what?

"Aang, you're awake!"

He tilts backwards, feeling woozy. "Are you sure?" He hesitantly rubs his eyes, as if blinking will cause her to simply disappear.



"You're not dreaming." She reaches him and embraces him fiercely; surprised, he doesn't react for a moment. "You're finally awake."

For the first time since waking up, he relaxes, and he feels something shift within him.

She steps back, and another Fire Nation soldier embraces him.

"Aang! Good to see you back with the living, buddy."

The voice is familiar. "Sokka?" he asks uncertainly. Shifting. Shifting. Within him.

I'm not on a Fire Nation ship.

It's okay.

She's here.

She'll get me—she'll get me through the storm.

His eyelids flutter; darkness creeps at the corner of his vision.

I was in the storm—so much pain—but now it's okay.

He tips backwards, and he sees her move towards him; the stars shift so swiftly, he can't keep up.

She got me through the storm.


I love this chapter to death.

""Ka . . ." he murmurs, and all is black." -> I've referenced this twice in ABCLAF. I'm consistent!

"Stairs!" -> That level from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass . . . running around . . . health low . . . and then suddenly - boom! Stairs!

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