In the Sea
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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book 2: Struggle.



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June 9, 2012

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Love at First Sight

In the next afternoon, Ganto walked around the ship and explored it with Teo. "This ship is really great...The interior and...everything! Well except the 3rd class, all you can see there is metal," said Teo." I know, they could at least give something nice to them..."Said Ganto.

"Well that's how it is today..."Said Teo, Ganto sighed." I know, I feel so sorry for those people...Benders I mean, they...All are going to a nightmare! Amon won't rest until whole world is Equalized!"

"He' just want to start a war, nothing more!" said Teo. "And the worst part is, he's chasing me. Well not now, since I ran away from Republic City, but when I will return..I'm doomed!"

"Stop this nonsense, Ganto! Avatar Korra will stop him, and you will survive this."

"How am I going to do that? I'm just a teen...."

"Korra is also a teen! And she's doing what ever she can to stop him."

"Korra is a bit scared from Amon.....So am I, my father taught me to let my fear go, but I can't. Losing my bending would be losing my identity!"

Teo looked at Ganto and sighed, he tapped Ganto's shoulder. "You won't lose you're bending! Everything is going to be fine!"

Ganto nods. "Why don't we change the subject?" Teo smiled. "Good idea!"

Ganto and Teo kept walking around the ship, then couple hours later. Ganto walked in his room tired from all the walking. "This ship is a big maze!" He said sighing, then he saw a letter on his table. "Hmm.." Ganto walked to table, he took the letter and unwrapped it.

It sais: "Hello, Ganto! Today the captain will have a dinner at your table."

Ganto smiled. "Great!"

Finally it was 8 o'clock, and Ganto was ready for the dinner. He put on his formal Air Nomad clothes. Teo knocked on Ganto's door. "Coming!" Ganto said and ran to door.

"Hey Ganto, you hea...?"

"Yep, we're dining with the captain."

"Oh my God! I will have so many questions for him!"

"I hope you won't talk all the time, because then. We won't be able to eat at all." Ganto laughed.

"Not that much" Teo Laughed.

"Alright, let's go!" said Teo and they both left for the dinner. They walked down to E deck trough Grand Staircase and walked in dining room. Ganto and Teo sat near their table, many other people already were there. "Good evening!"

"Good evening," replied a woman who also were on their table. Captain finally came and sat down, he bowed a bit. "I'm really happy to be here with you."

"It's an honor to finally meet you captain!" Teo said happily and bowed back.

Later, after the dinner Ganto walked around decks, suddenly he heard some people talking in room near him." Everything is going as planned." Ganto raised an eyebrow and sneaked closer to them to hear what they were talking about." At Sunday, the ship will be at perfect spot...Hiroshi Sato designed this ship perfectly and...Also he gave bad materials..This ship is going to sink." The man smirked, Ganto gasped loudly. Suddenly someone appeared behind Ganto, he garbed him tightly and covered his mouth. Ganto tried to scream for help. Then the man behind made Ganto pass out. He dragged him in the room where Ganto overheard the conversation and locked the door." What the-?!" said 1st man.

"He overheard you're conversation! You should talk more quite!" said 3rd man.

"He overheard our conversation?!....We have to keep him as hostage."

"No! We have to get him back in his room before he awakes! Then he'll think it was just a dream!" said 1st man.

"I agree with you, we need to get him back in his room unnoticed! "All of them nodded and dragged Ganto out of the room quietly. "He's the 'famous' airbender on this ship.. I know his cabin, follow me!" said 3rd and they dragged Ganto to his cabin. Luckily no one saw them, then they dragged him into his room, put him in the bed and left. Couple minutes later, he woke up. "Ugh......W-what happened? "Ganto looked around. "T-that.. Was the weirdest dream ever..." he said and scratched back of his head, then he looked noticed it's still night.

"What the-?! I woke up in night...? That is more weird...." He sighed and yawned. "I better get back to sleep" He said and slowly fell asleep.

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