In the Morning (Avatar Adenah, Book 1)
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23 June, 2012

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The Order of the White Lotus

Author's Note

I've just re-written it changing the last half a little bit so it works better. Enjoy!

In the Morning

It was early morning, I could tell, the sun was filtering through my bedroom window and falling on my face as it did every day during the summer months.  I slowly opened my eyes, squinting as the rays of light from the sun his me full in the face.  Yawning enormously and rubbing my eyes I sat up, placing my bare feet on the floor, shivering slightly as I shrugged off my bedding and sat there in my night-shift.  Despite being early summer it was still cold in the mornings.
    I hastily moved over to my chair on the far side of my spacious room.  My Firebending uniform was neatly placed on its back with the short boots placed before it.  I hastily pulled it on, brushing stray wrinkles my top then pulled a face, it had seen better days, despite my best efforts to keep it in good condition I still managed to pick up rips and scorch marks from my more enthusiastic bending sessions.
    Padding lightly over to my desk I sat down in front of the mirror propped up against the wall on the tables' slightly scuffed, wooden top and stared at myself as I absently ran a brush through my hair.
      A sturdy, tanned face stared back at me, bright, brown eyes framed by well-defined eyebrows.  I had to admit that my nose was probably a little on the large size but I quite frankly wasn't too worried about how I looked.  I grinned at my reflection and tied back my slightly wavy black hair, which had decided to go frizzy this morning, nothing new there...
     Shrugging I tossed my brush down onto the desk and grabbing my satchel which was hanging from the back of my door I left my room and galloped along the upper corridor.  I suddenly skidded to a halt as a door in front of me adruptedly swung open.
  My father stood in the doorway, bleary eyed, his dark hair, which was now streaked with grey at the temples, was sticking up in several directions.
    'Adenah,' he mumbled sleepily, 'I admire your enthusiasm when it comes to getting up for your Firebending lessons but would please stop thundering around house in the morning like a pack of polar bear dogs?'
    I shot my father a sweet smile, 'Sure will,' then before he could draw breath to say anything else hastily thundered down the stairs, taking them two at a time, leaving my Dad behind, shaking his head slowly in exasperation.

'Morning!' I called cheerfully as I burst into the dining room.
    Shou jumped as if someone had just applied a burning brand to his back, before groaning, 'Adenah, would you please stop charging in here in the morning like that!  You're taking years off me.'
    'Of course,' I said to my brother with false sincerity, like my Dad, Shou wasn't much of a morning person, it generally took him an hour to get warmed up properly for the day; I myself couldn't understand it, as soon as I stepped foot out of bed I was ready for whatever the day could throw at me.
    Hurling myself down on a chair I loaded my plate with food from the selection of breakfast items on the table in front of me and reflected briefly on the advantages of having a wealthy father who could afford servants to cook the meals.
    I watched, amused as my brother took a tentative sip of his tea, still bleary eyed despite the fact that he'd been up before me.  He was a Firebender like me and both he and I were tutored by the same master.  Despite the fact that he was a year older than me we were both at the same level.
      I'd discovered my talent for firebending when I was nine which was unusual; I was one of the "late-bloomers".   I'd wanted to be a firebender every since I was little, I'd spend ages reading about it and watching my brother and father practice together and wish that I could do it. It turned out later one that I could.
    Since the day I'd discovered my bending powers I'd practiced non-stop.  All the time I'd spent reading about the various firebending forms, moves and philosophy had paid off no end.  Before to long I'd caught up with my brother and was soon top of the class and competing in various tournaments.
    I loved every minute of it though my mother often gave me grief about my hobby, she didn't think it "proper" that the daughter of a wealthy merchant should be running around firebending all the time, it wasn't as bad as it would have been without an elder sister who behaved "properly" as my mother termed it, however, she'd got married and left home recently so my mum had taken the opportunity to redouble her efforts to try and turn me into a "lady".
    Thankfully, I had my father to stand up for me, he understood my passion for bending being a talented bender himself, a surprising trait for a merchant, though not so surprising for those who were aware of his past.  My father had been in the army and had swiftly risen through the ranks.   He'd later been injured during a fight among a gang of rogue Firebenders and had gone on medical leave, during that time he met my mother and then decided to leave the army and set up his own business.  Soon after that my sister was born then along came my brother, by that time he was wealthy merchant but still maintained a soldier's physique and fitness level unlike others in his profession.
    I was jerked back to the present abruptly as someone knocked firmly on the front door, looking up from my plate I shot an inquiring look in my brother's direction; he looked back at me, his expression steely.  For a moment it was a battle of wills, eventually I gave in as the person hammered at the door for the second time.  Sighing I climbed up from my chair and marched into the hallway and with a cheerful, 'Good morning!' I threw the door open.
    A teenage boy about the same age as me was stood on the porch, leaning casually against the doorframe, 'Morning Adenah,' he said with a lopsided smile.
    I knew him from Firebending lessons, he was related to the firebending master but it was hard to see how.  Xuan was tall and lanky, with a quiet voice and short hair, solemn eyes and a light smattering of freckles on his cheek.
    The Firebending master Longwei however was of average height, had snow-white hair, enjoyed a good chat and was pretty much the opposite of his grandson.
    'Would you like to come in?' I invited my friend, opening the door and little wider.
He shook his head, 'No, I can't stay; I'm just here because I have some news that I believe will interest you.'
My ears pricked up at this, 'Oh?' I asked trying to sound nonchalant, 'What sort of news.'
Xuan grinned, 'Four members of the Order of the White Lotus have arrived at my grandfather's house, they are here to find the Avatar.'
I stared at Xuan in astonishment which slowly turned to delight.
He looked at me pleased, 'I had a feeling you'd be interested.'
'It's brilliant news!' I exclaimed.
Xuan raised an eyebrow and asked, 'What? Think you'll be the Avatar?'
I snorted, 'Not likely,' but inside I wished I was. I wished I could be the Avatar; but the chances of that were slim, true, I was born at the right time and I was a good Firebender but still....
'So,' continued Xuan, 'one of us firebenders in this village is the Avatar and the White Lotus will be choosing him.'
'Him?' I repeated raising my left eyebrow and folding my arms across my chest. 'Well, I guess there is a chance the Avatar might be a girl...'
I snorted, then changed the subject, any other day I would have chosen to continue the conversation and let it escalate into a fight, but to be honest I didn't feel like it today, the thought that I had a chance of being chosen as the Avatar...
'Do you want to come in and have some breakfast with us?' I asked holding the door open a little wider.
My friend shook his head and started to move back from the door reluctantly saying, 'Sorry I can't stay, my Grandfather will give me a tanning if I don't get back in time to clean up the ring after yesterdays Firebending session.'
I winced, remembering the state the training arena had been after the Firebending competition last night, 'You're still cleaning up?'
  My friend gave a little shrug again and started to move back from the door saying, 'Listen I can't stay for long, my Grandfather will give me a tanning if I don't get back in time to clean up the ring after yesterdays Firebending session.'
    I winced, remembering the state the training arena had been after the Firebending competition last night, 'You're still cleaning up?'
    Xuan nodded, his expression grim, suddenly, his eyes brightened, he shot me a sweet smile, I knew what was coming.
    'Adenah, you know, I was wondering....'
    I held up my hand to forestall what he was about to say, 'No, no and no, I'm not going to come and help you tidy up.'
    His face fell, 'I don't see why not, you made half the mess!'
    I shrugged and leaned casually against the doorframe, 'I'm not the one who gets paid to tidy up.'
    Muttering imprecations against wealthy merchants daughters my now ex-friend marched off, once several feet away from the door he shot a parting shaft over his shoulder, 'Be prepared to get the fluff beaten out of you later!'
    'In your dreams,' I yelled back and shut the door, looking back, maybe I did slam it closed a little to enthusiastically as both my father, who had just come down the stairs, and my brother chorused, 'Adenah!' in exactly the same tone.
    I rolled my eyes, 'Yes,' I sighed, 'I know, stop slamming doors like a pack of polar bears...'
    My father, who was stood at the foot of the stairs sighed deeply, 'That's not exactly what I meant...,' he began feebly, but I could see his heart wasn't in it and walked past with a laugh, 'Go sit down and have a tea Dad.'

Author's Notes

  • This is a slightly boring chapter as my aim was to introduce the reader to some of the characters, Adenah and her family in particular.
  • The next chapter will hopefully be more interesting.

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