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In the Beginning is the first chapter of Gladiator. It begins with the introduction of the main characters.


A man opens his eyes. He finds himself in a cell with other people, one of them, a boy with brown hair who has a crutch, walking to each of the other people, to try and get him out of the cell. When he comes to an older boy from the Water Tribe, identified by the younger boy as "Water Tribe Person", the older boy only pushes the younger one down. It is at this point that the man stands up and indetifies himself as Orion and demands to know what is going on. The Water Tribe boy who is named Sokka explains that they are underneath a gladiator arena. It is at this point during introductions which identifies Jet, Iroh and the boy with the crutch as Hewk, whom immediately starts asking Jet to help him. Not wanting to help the boy, Jet starts to strangle Hewk until separated by Orion.

It is at this point that a gong is sounded. Everyone crowds to a window of bars on one side of the cell. Cheers are heard as an man in his late sixties armed with a cestus walks into the arena. It is Kal, the champion. Kal's opponent then appears in the arena and the fight begins. All while this is happening, Hewk shows himself to be attempting to pick the lock to the cell with the tail of a dead elephant rat which Hewk shows little or no enjoyment in doing.

Hewk: An Elephant Rat! Why did it have to be an Elephant rat? Why couldn't it have been a fish bone?

The fight ends, Kal's opponent still alive, but then Ozai, the World's Leader appears. Kal looks at his leader expectantly. Ozai gives the thumbs down and Orion looks away in horror only to see the crutch using Hewk's attempt tp pick the lock. This prompts Orion to ask "What are you doing?" This attracts the attentions of the others which causes a half comedic conversation between Sokka and Hewk.

Sokka: An Elephant Rat? Are you insane?

Hewk: Trust me, the feeling is mutual.

Sokka: Couldn't you have found something else... like a crowbar?

Hewk: (sarcasm) Oh of course! Why didn't I think of that?

Jet then runs towards Hewk, with violent intentions. Hewk, in fright, slips through the bars, prompting Sokka to ask why Hewk didn't just do that in the first place. Hewk replies he didn't know he could fit through them. Orion instructs Hewk to escape and find someone to help them. Hewk runs from the cell, as Orion and Iroh talk about about the chances of Hewk not getting caught.

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