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The War After




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February 27, 2011

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In The Wind is the first chapter of Book 1- Air, and The War After.


When the war ended things were never the same. A year after the war things became strange. People disappearing out of no where, money being stolen, and even trying to kill Fire Lord Zuko. What will become of Zuko? Will the world erupt in war again? The team is meeting in the Southern Air Temple to try and resolve the horrible problem, but they are interrupted by a earth bender. Who is he? Read and find out!


"Zuko come on board!" said Iroh as they were departing.

"We don't want to risk you getting attacked again!"

"I don't want to get embarrassed!"

"Oh come on Zuko!" Zuko walked out of the palace surrounded by guards and was covered in armor with pillows on the inside.

Mai chuckled, "Zuko I don't believe you're wearing that!"

"Can things get any worse!?!?!?" He looked at the ship. "UNCLE!!!!!!!"

"What it's safe just go to your quarters."

"Fine." The young Fire Lord looked up at the small ship again. It was covered with clouds to make it almost invisible. It was painted the same color as the horizon so it wouldn't be noticed. He walked to his quarters. It was covered in fireproof and bomb-proof metal and the bed was hidden in the wall so no one would see him. There were no windows and there was a map. "This is going to be a long trip," He laid down to rest.

"Come on, where is he?!" said an impatient Toph. She was missing time to train because she was waiting for Zuko to come.

Toph yelling

Impatient Toph

"He'll come Toph. He should be here in a few hours. Go and train until noon."

Toph feels the earth


"Katara, I'm blind remember!"

"Oh right, sorry. I'll have Aang make three small earthquakes when the sun is high, okay."

"Okay," Toph went to an open area, perfect for bending. "Finally, I can practice."

Zuko got up. His stomach grumbled. Zuko went over to the door and hit the speaker button. "Good morning uncle, can I get something to eat?"

"It'll be right down. What do you want?"

"A Tart Pie and some Juice."

"Okay it will be right down." Not a minute later a guard came by with his food. "Thank you, I was starved." The guard nodded and left the room.

As he began eating the captain said over the loudspeaker "This is your captain speaking, guard the Fire Lord! A rebel ship has been spotted. I repeat guard the Fire Lord!" The soldiers rushed to guard Zuko.


Back at Team Avatar...

"Owww..." complained Sokka.

"If it hurt so much last time why did you jump off of it...again!?"

Tired Sokka

The Dumb and the Reckless, both actually in SOKKA!

"Cause I'm bigger now. I got stuck because I jumped wrong...a year ago." "Yeah, but you broke your leg, again!"

"Yeah, but I was impressing Suki!"

"Sokka go watch Toph."

"Okay, but I can't walk."

"Oh, yeah. I'll walk you over there."


As she led him over their Toph was making a soccer field.

"Hey guys."

"Hey Toph," said Katara and Sokka.

"Toph can Sokka watch you for a few minutes? He broke his leg again."

"Okay, but be quiet Sokka."

Aang and Momo


"Aang?" called Katara.

"Yeah, Katara?"

"Can you make the temple shake a little at noon?"

"Sure Katara! I'll do it."

"Thanks Aang you're the best!"

"Your welcome," said Aang as he blushed.

On the sea...

"Ugh! I don't want to be babied!" He went over to his door and said, "Can I come out?!"

"No, nephew you're safe in there!"

There was an explosion. BOOM!!!

Ozai's enhanced firebending


"Mwahahaha where is HE!?" said a mysterious voice.

"I'll never tell!" then Zuko heard a ROAR!!!!!!!!!!
Iroh's fire breath


"Uncle!!! What's going on?" He looked through the peep hole in the wall. Iroh had caused the roar by breathing fire. It looks like Iroh had won. The guards went up to the mysterious man and when they went to grab him, smoke went everywhere. The man threw down a smoke bomb. Now he was gone.

"Nephew stay in there! It is not safe out here!"

"They should have been here already!" said Sokka. He was getting bored watching Toph.

"Would you be quiet?" said an agitated Toph. The Earth rumbled as Aang sent the signal.

"YEAH, some action!!!"

"How are you going to get over there?" asked Aang.

"Can you help me Toph?"

"Okay, fine." Toph lifted the ground over toward the signal. She gently dropped it next to Aang.

"Is he here yet?" asked Sokka.

"No, sorry."


"Its okay Sokka."

"I know but..."

"Hi guys," said Zuko.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" said the startled team.

"Why were you late?" asked Toph.

"We were attacked," said Zuko.

"By who?"

"We still don't know."

"You're telling the truth."

"I know I am."

"Okay, Zuko."

"Okay, Toph, what happened to you Sokka?" said Zuko when he took a glance at Sokka's leg.

"I broke my leg."


"Yeah, again."

"Alright, why did we meet again?"

"You almost getting killed," said Aang.

"Oh, yeah."

"What did the man look like?" asked Katara.

"All I know was he was wearing all white clothing and he uses smoke bombs to make his escape."

"Okay Zuko," said Toph.

There was a small aftershock now.


"What was that?" said Zuko.

"Sokka, quit moaning!" ordered Katara.

"That's not me."

"Then who is it?"

"Let's ask that guy in the green clothes!" said Sokka.

"Where am I?" said the mysterious kid. "A few minutes ago the ground started shaking and I fell."

"That's who I sensed," said Toph. "I thought it was one of you guys."

"WHO ARE YOU!" said Aang.

"Qiang, I'm Qiang."

Boy playing earth soccer


"Hi Qiang. I have some questions to ask you."


"What nation are you from?"

"The Earth Kingdom."

"What do you know about The War?"

"What War?"

"Okay, then are you a bender?"

"Yes I am."

"Okay, he's good."

"Why, who are you?" asked the kid. Aang sat dumbfounded.

"I'm the Avatar."

"Yeah and I'm a flying bison," said Qiang.

Appa spots Pathik

THIS is a flying bison Qiang.

"Alright I'll show you." Aang used all the elements except energy.

Qiang looked at Zuko. "Hey your the guy Meng attacked!"

"Who's Meng?"

"Meng's a tyrant from my village."

"Why has he targeted me?"

"I'm not sure..."

"Hey who are you?" Qiang asked.

Katara said, "Me?"

"No her." He looked at Toph with goo-goo eyes. Toph blushed, even though she couldn't see him. She liked his voice.

"Hi I'm Toph. I'm a Earth bender too. Guess what?"


"I can bend metal."

Toph metalbending

Toph Metalbending

"No way! Show me."

"Sure." She bended some scrap iron. "See?"

"You're cool. Unlike other girls I met."

"Thanks Qiang."

"What were you guys talking about."

"We were wondering about a mysterious man in white, who we know now is Meng."

"Okay, wait did you say white?"

"Yeah in white."

"Now I know..." he stared off into space for a minute. "He's an energy bender."

"Wait I thought there were only four elements," said Aang.

"Yes four natural elements, energy kept them together. You see only spirits can energy bend. That's why you can do it Aang, but it's hard. You see Meng is a spirit in human form. So he was able to learn and can do it easier. He's from the Earth Kingdom, like me, but he is evil. I remember that when when his mother was pregnant with him, there was an attack. They were visiting the Air Nomads, and everyone but his parents died, but they were severely wounded. When she had him six months later, she died after his birth. His dad died when he was ten, but he said the Fire Nation did that to him and his family. Meng swore to have revenge. He survived on a lion turtle for forty years training in the art of energy bending."

"That's why he wants to kill me..." said Zuko "...he wants revenge on my Great-Grandfather so he's going after me."

Aang agreed. "We must stop this man. Before an energy war begins. He could kill us all with a single touch."

The team agreed. "Let's go travel in Zuko's Ship. It is safe there."

They ran to the ship and departed for yet another adventure!

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