In The Eyes Of Pathik
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Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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30 October 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Jimg have freed Gaoling of the Old Glory Nation.

A messenger hawk flew by, Aang read it :

Dear Avatar Aang,

We are glad to inform you that a very intelligent resident of Gaoling could free it from Zhao. We are very happy at the moment and we are in the city. A messenger hawk reached the Firelord mailbox too.


Fuji Yama,

Commander of the Fireball Military Force.

Chapter 16: In The Eyes Of The Pathik

Zuko read the message from the messenger hawk. He was happy. He was ready to make history.

Mai: "What's in that stupid hawk?"

Zuko: "Gaoling is liberated."

Mai: "Whatever. Want to make the change you told me about?"

Zuko: "That ws exactly what I was thinking, I told you before about that democratic monarchy thing, didn't I?"

Mai: "Uh, a thousand times already. But be sure to write that a king cannot change the election rules."

Zuko: "Good point. I'm going to tell the people."

Mai: "What about Ursa? She's supposed to know, eh?"

Zuko: "She kinda.. erm.."

Mai: "Got sick of hearing it like me?"

Zuko: "Err... Yes."

While in the Eastern Air Temple, Pathik had a hawk next to him, and he wrote a message and attached it to the hawk's back then he said: "Okay Trensu, I trained you well, you are ready to go on your first real mission. I want you to get this to Aang's house, Katara City, Southern Water Tribe. Understand?"

Pathik put a hand on the hawk's head, and said: "By reading your energy, I think you understand. Go."

The hawk flew, heading to Aang.

While back at the Fire Nation Palace, Zuko commanded: "Tell the people to gather in the yard, I have to speak."

Some servants went all around the city gathering people, when they were done, they reported to the Fire Lord.

Zuko went to the balcony facing the yard, the same one he was in with Aang about four years ago. He started speaking: "My dear people, today is a great day in history!

"Today, the powers of the Fire Nation combined with the forces of the Earth Kingdom, led by a wise man from Gaoling, could liberate Gaoling from the hands of the ruthless Old Glory Nation!" the crowd cheered, "Not just that.. Today is the day I change the Fire Nation!"

Silence went around the people, as he continued: "Today I declare a complete change in the Fire Lord system!

"From now and on, each Fire Lord will rule for four years, after that, elections happen! The current Fire Lord will elect someone that he chooses, and he can choose himself, to compete with the first two other people from the nation to get 100 signings from you people!

"Every citizen of the nation will choose one of the three, and after a month, the new Firelord will be declared!" the crowd cheered, "You are free to say that the current leader is not good, you are free to say what you think, you are free to vote every four years! The Firelord will be given the same rights as he is now, that includes the ownership of the palace, the complete rule of the nation, but one thing he can't change is the election system. This system cannot be touched by anyone and is not subject to change with no exceptions at all!"

The crowd cheered heavily, becoming happy. Zuko ended the speech saying: "Today my four year rule starts!" and exiting the balcony.

Two days have passed. Trensu, Pathik's hawk, reached Aang and dropped him the message.

Aang read it :

Dear Aang,

An old friend of yours wants to see you as soon as possible. He is me. Pathik.

I really want you to be here in the eastern Air Temple. We have a serious thing to discuss.

Please come as soon as possible,

Guru Pathik.

Aang declared to Katara, he hopped on Appa, heading for the temple.

After flying so much time. Aang and Appa reached the temple and were greeted by Pathik.

Pathik: "I'm so glad you're here, Airbenders."

Aang: "Hi."

Pathik: "You know, I was 50 when they wiped out this temple."

Aang: "What?"

Pathik: "Sit next to me, Aang. You can come too, poor bison."

Aang: "Poor?" he and Appa came closer to the guru.

Pathik: "I was here. I was born here." Pathik closed his fingers in the shape of a punch, then released his fingers quickly, sending a light wave of air into Aang's face.

Pathik: "I am an Air Nomad, Aang."

Aang shook his head in disbelief, rubbed his eyes and gave a curious look at Pathik.

Pathik: "I met the Lion Turtle, just like you did. Actually, I told him to teach you to bend energy. I know that you wanted to free your spirit after you die, I know you wanted to follow our, we the monks, our beliefs. I met the Lion Turtle so long ago, he taught me how to bend energy, he told me that I will help somebody with it, so he bended energy in me, giving me the vision that I will teach you one day."

Aang: "Wow! You're an Airbender! How.. How could you bend energy too? You are not the Avatar! I am so glad to meet another nom-... Wait, why didn't you tell me about it since we first met?"

Pathik: "Patience, young one. Everyone can bend energy. Even non-benders like your friend Sokka. But since people went bad, spirits of our world removed the opportunity to bend energy for people, and gave it to the lion turtles."

Aang: "How do you know that?"

Pathik: "My friend, the only surviving Lion Turtle, told me it. I was here 104 years ago, I aw how people were just too greedy, wiping us out just because we're weak. I bent my energy and grew it more and more and more, using it just to help myself. I couldn't help anyone else. I flew away, surviving the massacre. It was a cruel thing to witness."

Aang: "Ah, too bad."

Pathik: "I decided to go back here and live peacefully, watching the animals, reading energy, and just.. living. Now I decided that it is time I say it to you... You are one of six Airbenders in this world."

Aang: "Six? I thought I have three children, me, you, and that becomes five!"

Pathik: "You forgot one..."

Aang: "Huh?"

Pathik: "Appa!"

Appa roared.. Aang smiled awkwardly.

Pathik: "I have here a lot of scrolls. About our beliefs, system, culture, history, everything. These are things to learn. I want you to learn it and pass it to your children. I want you to use help from me, you see this room?"

Aang: "Yes?"

Pathik: "Let Appa enter it."

Aang: "Enter it, boy."

Appa slowly waled into the room Pathik pointed at, and he didn't go out.

Aang: "What's in there?"

Pathik: "There are many things I collected from the remaining pieces of this temple, and one of those, something you'll see soon."

As they waited for a period of time, Appa walked out of the room, with a female sky bison.

Aang: "Appa! and.."

Pathik: "Shinsa. Appa's bride!"

Aang: "Guru Pathik! I.. er.. You... THANK YOU!"

Pathik: "No need to thank me, Mong."

Aang: "Mong?"

Pathik: "Oh.. Sorry. I just called you with your father's name. You look like him."

Aang: "FATHER? Why don't I know about him?"

Pathik: "Monk Mong of the Southern Air Temple was a respectful Nomad, marrying Lya, he had one son - You. When you were one year old, His wife suffered deadly illness, she couldn't take care of you. Two months later, Lya died. Mong got so sad, he decided that you couldn't know about it. He thought that no child should have no mom. He gave you to his best friend, Gyatso."

Aang: "How could he? How can a man leave his son?"

Pathik: "I don't know, but I still think that was a wise decision."

Aang: "Wow. You are so knowledgeable. Why didn't you tell me when I visited you before ending Ozai?"

Pathik: "Fire Lord Ozai was about to make all lands Fire Nation. He was steps away from doing it. It was so important that you master the Avatar State then. I know that you get curious about this topic, so I was afraid you would loose concentration."

Aang: "Wise."

Aang continued to talk with Pathik about the history, while Appa and Shinsa continued to hang out together. At the end of the day, Aang, Appa, Shinsa, and the scrolls of the nomads were all at Aang's house in Katara City.

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