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Katara and Kya FM
In Memories of Kya
Chapter information

Busy Mama Katara



Written by


Release date

May 2, 2013

Next chapter

Bumi's Birth

Aang and Katara kissed and married.. Until now, the waterbending master must face her toughest challenge! PREGNANT! Yippie!



"My tummy is really hurting!"

"It's like suddenly, something is in my wonderful tummy!"



"I mean, ya! It's a.. wonderful."


"What is inside?"

"A baby! Aang! A baby! A baby!"


"Let's tell Sokka!"



"I'm carrying a baby!"

"A what!!?"


Sokka fainted..

"Okay! Fine! Go faint! You haven't even married!"

8 months later

"I want this baby's name to be special..."

"How about... Sokka the second!?"



"I really want to make it special! If it's a boy, I'll name him.. Bumi..."

"CORRECT! Please a boy! Please a boy!"

"But, if it's a girl.... I will name her, Kya.. In memories of my mother..."

"I know how you feel Katara.."

Katara began to cry..

1 month later...


"Push! Push!"

"Hey! I can push it BY MYSELF!"

"But Avatar Aang wants us to guard you.."

"But guarding like this is not what he had in mind!"

"We're sorry, Master Katara.."

"Alright Katara! Get ready... For Aang and Stupid Sokka! One..!! Two..!! ARGHH!! Three..!!!! Arghhh!!"

"~ Oaaaa!!! ~"

"A baby girl, Katara!!"

"I know Aang.. As I promised... I'll name her, Kya.."

"Yes! Kya!!"

3 years had past

"Alright, Ms. Kya! Watch this!"

"Wow! Mommy! You're a great teacher!"

"In the full moon, waterbenders are at their strongest.."

Kya imagining her old age with her mom.. And imagining if she had 2 little brothers...

Splashing Bumi Vision

Kya imagining herself making a prank on her little imaginary brother.


"Now battle me!"


"Come on!"


"Oops! I think I win, Kya.. You made a fine octopus Pupil Kya.."

"He he he!!"

"I love you.."

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