In Katara's Diary
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After the Field Trip



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10 November 2012

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Family Always Forgives

In Katara's Diary is the first chapter of After the Field Trip.


The setup for the story. Katara writes in her diary after her field trip with Zuko. What is she thinking in this aftermath?

The story

Date: Five days before the comet. The sixteenth day of the ninth month.

My journey with Zuko was one of the toughest, most emotional trips of my life. I was given the chance to encounter the man who killed my mother - Commander Yon Rha. But the journey there was difficult. Sokka and Aang did their best to talk me out of it, but I just ignored them. I told them they basically could not understand...I should have known then and there how wrong I was, especially since Aang lost his entire people; and as for Sokka; well, I said he didn't love our mom as much as I did. I let Zuko guide me on this vengeful path, which included me going back to that spirit-damned art of bloodbending on an innocent man! Then when I encountered Yon Rha, that was the final blow. Seeing him, now just a pathetic, washed-up version of the "great" commander he used to be. Justice had already done its work. Yet still, I couldn't control myself from making the attempt to strike him down...but I couldn't. I remembered all Aang had said about revenge - while you watch your opponent fall, you yourself are poisoned.

I will never forgive Yon Rha as long as I live. But if I had gone through with killing him, it would have sent me on a path that would be unending rage and hatred, and I have done enough of that.

Right now, I have things to fix. Wrongs that I need to make right. I have yet to really apologize to both my brother and Aang. I just need to know what to say.



Yeah, it's short...but this was only meant to be a mere setup chapter. The real stuff follows.

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