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Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World

Zuko is surrounded by women and girls and he finds them crazy. Zuko only ever feels happy when he's with Ozai.

The military officers and palace servants all agree that Zuko "is definitely his father's son."

The dark side of the Force is strong with the Fire Nation Royal Family.

Zuko's father has it. Zuko has it. Zuko's sister has it.

Ozai and Ursa are mating together. Zuko and Azula are playing together.

Whenever the parents are not working and the children are not studying, they spend time together.

Plays with Zuko Plays with Azula Punishes Zuko Punishes Azula
Ozai Yes Yes Yes No
Ursa No Yes Yes Yes

Zuko and Azula are Ursa's dolls.

Zuko and Azula are Ozai's action figures.

The family has a beach house on Ember Island. Every summer vacation, they go there, until Ozai is crowned Fire Lord.

The Rooms of Spirit and Season is located in Wan Shi Tong's Spirit Library. There are four rooms - one for waterbenders, one for earthbenders, one for firebenders, and one for airbenders. Training inside each individual room is applicable for a day's worth of a season.

Iroh knows about the Rooms of Spirit and Season. Of the four Time Chambers, there is one that encompasses an endless winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

The family has a cottage built into the Fire Nation Royal Palace, where they live. Ozai had the cottage built in preparation for his marriage. Inside the cottage, there are three bedrooms: one for the parents, one for Zuko, and one for Azula; and two bathrooms: one for males and one for females.

Ozai's profession is dictator, tyrant, and mass murderer. Only his wife and their children receive his love.

The children are forbidden to wake up Ursa if they are too scared to sleep. Ozai soothes his children to sleep if they are too scared to do so by themselves.

Ursa likes many animals large and small. Ozai is Ursa's favourite large animal. Zuko is Ursa's favourite small animal.

Azula likes few animals. Ozai is Azula's favourite animal.

Ozai fights with Zuko over Ursa's attention. Ursa kisses both Ozai and Zuko with rather strong lipstick. At work, Ozai is embarrassed. At school, Zuko is embarrassed. That way, Ozai gets both what he deserved and what he wants for Zuko.

Ozai has two admirers: Ursa and Azula.

Zuko only has one admirer: Ursa.

Ursa has two admirations: Ozai and Zuko.

Azula only has one admiration: Ozai.

Ursa and Azula bond by:

  1. Wearing tutus
  2. Picking flowers
  3. Baking cookies for Ozai and (Ursa only) for Zuko

Ozai and Zuko bond by:

  1. Wearing tights
  2. The stronger one picking on the one lucky to be born

Ursa is Ozai's girl. No man or boy shows Ursa anything, not even Zuko. Zuko is forbidden by Ozai from making physical contact with Ursa while she is wearing her swimsuit.

Zuko hides from Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee in Ozai's office. Zuko is not the only one who thinks that girls are crazy, only he gets over it as he grows up. Ozai however has not.

When Zuko comes into Ozai's office, Ozai angry.

Ursa is the scarier parent. The children are terrified of their mother. Even is Ozai is scared of his wife. All three of them are careful never to make her angry, in which of course they are unsuccessful on some occasions.

Zuko must speak with a civil tongue when he is talking to his sister or else Ozai will fight with him.

Extremely Cruel Easily Angered Extremely Kind Very Manipulative
Ozai Yes Yes No Yes
Ursa No Yes Yes Yes
Zuko No Yes Yes No
Azula Yes No No Yes

While beating up Zuko, Ozai always feigns innocence to Ursa, continually citing another cause and effect for Zuko's injuries and for Zuko's accusation of him, each and every one of which is believable to Ursa. In any case, Ursa vows to be present at home whenever Zuko comes back from school.

Azula inherited her manipulative skill and prowess from both parents.

Ozai is a criminal, thug, and gangster. He is the boss. He and his men play cards while waiting for reports, plans, and recommendations from the ongoing war.

Ursa forcibly punishes Zuko on an irregular basis and Azula on a regular basis. Henceforth, Azula begins to feel hostility towards Zuko and especially lets Zuko feel her increasing animosity. However, both Zuko and Azula are terrified of their mother.

Ursa genuinely regrets punishing her children and always apologizes to them after doing so. Ozai is indifferent towards punishing his son.

Ursa and Zuko feed the turtle ducks at their pond. Azula throws stones at the turtle ducks in their pond. Ozai gazes in thought at the turtle ducks in their pond.

With regard to their personalities Ozai Ursa Zuko Azula
As seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Loves, cares for, and dotes on his wife, son, and daughter. Does not tolerate her daughter doing evil because it is for no reason. Feels comfortable only with his mother. Insane.

Ozai never mentions any of his evil exploits to Ursa and always bullies Zuko in seclusion.

Azula hates Zuko because she believes that Ursa favored him over her. Azula delights when Ozai bullies Zuko and rubs Ozai's favoritism of her in his face.

Zuko does not hate Azula because he know that Ozai loves them both.

What does ? care about Ozai and Ursa's relationship Ursa and Zuko's relationship Ozai and Zuko's relationship Ursa and Azula's relationship Ozai and Azula's relationship Zuko and Azula's relationship
Ozai N/A Always N/A Always N/A Never
Ursa N/A N/A Always N/A Always Always
Zuko Always N/A N/A Always Always N/A
Azula Always Sometimes Sometimes N/A N/A N/A
With respect to their personalities as in Avatar: The Last Airbender Ozai Ursa Zuko Azula
Ozai N/A Loves, cares for, and dotes on her husband Mixed feelings for his father Loves and cares for her father
Ursa Loves, cares for, and dotes on his wife N/A Loves and cares for his mother Loves and cares for her mother
Zuko Loves, cares for, and dotes on but bullies his son Loves, cares for, and dotes on her son N/A Little appreciation of her brother
Azula Loves, cares for, and dotes on but spoils his daughter Loves and cares for her daughter Little appreciation of his sister N/A

On weekends and holidays, the family goes for picnics and barbecues or to the shopping mall, the playground, and the amusement park. Only during the summer before Ozai becomes Fire Lord, they go to the beach.

Meanwhile, the Earth Kingdom is falling under attacks.

Azula thinks of Ursa as a beautiful princess and of Ozai as a handsome prince.

Ursa, Zuko, and Azula tell Ozai that he is handsome.

Ozai and Azula tell Ursa that she is beautiful. Unless Zuko wants for Ozai to beat him up, Zuko will not tell Ursa that she is beautiful.

Ozai and Ursa tell Zuko that he is handsome.

Ozai and Ursa tell Azula that she is beautiful.

Ozai gives flowers directly to Ursa.

Ursa gives chocolates directly to Ozai.

Ozai does not send flowers to Ursa through their children, because he does not want to give flowers to Azula and does not want for Zuko to give flowers to Ursa.

Ursa does not send chocolates to Ozai through their children, because she does not want to give chocolates to Zuko and does not want for Azula to give chocolates to Ozai.

Favourite days by the family (excluding Azula on the count of some) include Ozai and Ursa's Wedding Anniversary and the birthdays of them and their children. Zuko's birthday is not a favourite of Azula's.

The spouses, parents, and children receive precious gifts on their birthdays. If Zuko feels like it, he does not give Azula a birthday present. If Azula dares, she gives Zuko a nasty prank for a birthday present.

Fong is paranoid as the armies of the Fire Nation conquer swathes of the Earth Kingdom one after another.

Omashu falls during the spring and King Bumi is imprisoned. The governor and his family assume control of the city and a huge stature of Fire Lord Ozai is erected here.

Ursa is unaware of Ozai's misdeeds and Zuko is not truly evil henceforth, only Ursa and Azula's relationship is strained by Azula emotionally abusing others.

Azula loves both her parents very much because she knows that her mother loves her. However, she begins to feel hostility towards Zuko because she believed that Ursa favoured him over her.

Zuko feels comfortable only with his mother.

As much as he loves his children, Ozai does not care if they love him back. Henceforth, he bullies Zuko behind Ursa's back.

Ozai is a sinister and immature man. He thinks even in his adulthood that females are crazy - a trait he passed down to Zuko. Unlike his father, Zuko gets over this trait with maturity.

What do the children get from their parents? From Ozai From Ursa
To Zuko Gets anything he wants Gets anything he wants
To Azula Gets everything she wants Gets anything she wants
Reactions to sadness Ozai Ursa Zuko Azula
Ozai N/A Never wants for this to happen Indifferent, but wants

for this to happen only because of his bullying

Ursa Never wants for this to happen N/A Never wants for this

to happen

Never wants for this to happen
Zuko Too afraid as seen as

in Avatar: The Last Airbender

during Ozai's coronation and in The Search during the dinner scene

Never wants for this to happen N/A Too hostile as seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender
Azula Indifferent Never wants for this to happen Indifferent, but wants for this to happen N/A

Ozai confides his evil exploits only to Azula. Azula keeps Ozai's confidence a secret.

Aang, Katara, and Sokka are on a raised, grassy plateau beneath which a gentle stream runs. Katara folded one of their sleeping blankets. Her brother and Aang lay on the root of a tree. Momo landed on the plateau as Hakoda and Kya approached.

Aang said, "Great, you're back!"

Aang jolted the air as she leapt off the root, landing beside Katara as Sokka joined them.

Katara said, "What's for dinner?"

Kya anxiously sighed, "Okay, so we've got a few options. First, round nuts and some kind of oval-shaped nuts. Second, a few of rock-shaped nuts, that might just be rocks."

She threw the rock s-shaped nut toward Momo, telling him, "Dig in!"

"Seriously? What else you got?" Sokka worried as he looking forward the winged-lemur.

Momo slapped the rock to the ground. As he did so, the entire earth quakes.

Sokka shouted aloud and jumped, looking around. "What was that?!"

Momo cautiously dropped the rock to the ground to test whether he caused the quake which anyhow repeated.

Hakoda said, "It's coming from over there!"

Hakoda, Kya, Katara, and Aang ran toward the huge 'boom'.

Sokka apprehensively told his family, "Shouldn't we run away form huge booms? Not toward them?"

Sokka and Momo joined the three. The five hid behind a fallen tree and spy on Haru bending earth.

Katara yelled, "An earthbender!"

The chapter proceeds exactly as it is, until Haru gasped in surprise and drops the boulder.

He approached Katara. "Hi, I'm Haru," he said.

They shook hands.

Hakoda, Kya, Sokka, and Aang approached Katara and Haru.

"Nice to meet you, Haru," said Katara. "This is my brother, Sokka, our mum Kya, our dad Hakoda, and our friend Aang."

Hakoda said, "Do you live nearby, Haru?"

Haru said, "Yes. My village is nearby. Right this way."

He led on.

Aang said, "And I bet that village has a market."

Katara said, "Which means no nuts for dinner."

She and Aang chased after Haru.

Kya said, "Young lady! Your father and I worked hard to get those nuts."

Momo flies overheard.

Hakoda said, "It's all right, dear. We'll have a good bite before we move on."

Kya said, "Okay, honey."

They hugged each other lovingly and the two of them followed Momo.

The chapter proceeds exactly as it is, until Aang says he will trade some nuts for the hat that he likes.

Haru and Katara entered Haru's shop. Haru's mother was there.

"Hi, Mum," her son greeted her.

"Where have you been, Haru? You're late. Quick! Get started on your chores."

Kya, Sokka, and Aang entered the shop.

Kya smiled at Haru's mother.


"Hi. Welcome to our village. But, for your information, the Fire Nation is here."

Sokka and company were shocked.

"How long has the Fire Nation been here?"

"Five years. Fire Lord Ozai uses our town's coal mines to fuel his warships. Not to mention that he's paying for our services."

Haru said, "They're thugs. But, they're not stealing from us. They're buying the coal that they're using. Everyone here's too much of a coward to do anything about it."

His mother said, "Quiet, Haru! Don't talk like that."

Katara protested "But, Haru's an earthbender. He can help."

Appa walked inside a barn in the late evening. Haru and his guests stood inside the barn.

Haru said, "My mum said you can sleep here tonight."

The chapter proceeds exactly as it is, until a flattered Katara thanks Haru for his complimenting her.

Haru said, "My father was very courageous."

His memories went back to the day the Fire Nation invaded his town.

Tyro and the other earthbenders were outnumbered ten to one, but they fought back anyway.

The Fire Nation soldiers retreated. The Fire Lord himself descended from his royal ship. He made his way toward Tyro and the other earthbenders.

A young Haru and his mother watched frightfully as the evil King came to face the band of rebels.

Tyro said, "Well, well. Not the sort of place I'd expected to find the Fire Lord, but you sent your soldiers to set foot on our land."

'You seem to very cocky, don't you? It must be a thing for Earth Kingdom commoners. They always talk such a big talk and then they end up dying so fast. It's a shame."

"You shut your mouth, Fire Lord. You'll regret the day the Fire Nation set foot on our land," said Tyro.

"Or maybe you'll die."

"What did you say!" asked Tyro.

Ozai said, "Okay, Mr. Hotshot. We'll play. I'm clearly outnumbered."

Tyro said, "Yes, you are."

The earthbenders attacked the Fire Lord. Strangely the chunks of rock that hit him did not damage him at all. Ozai did not bend one flame as he took down the rebels one by one with hand-to-hand combat.

The non-benders of the village gasped in horror. All the rebels had been taken down. The Fire Lord turned his attention to their wives and children.

He approached them.

Haru said, "Okay, but I'm not going down without a fight."

Ozai said, "Don't worry. They're fine. Or at least they're not dead. Look, just take them to the infirmary. That should heal their wounds, right?"

The women and children gasped with surprise.

Ozai said, "You look scared. Relax. None of you are the ones I'm after. Kay? I want to be supreme ruler of the world."

Haru's mother was at a loss of words.

Ozai noted this.

"Tell them something for me. If they ever feel up to it, they're more than welcome to come and invade my home. I'll be glad to take them on again."

He walked away.

"Well, bye."

"No, stop!" shouted Haru, "Hang on. Don't go."

"And what do you want now?" Ozai asked, "Is there something else I can do for you?"

Haru said, "Yes. There's one thing that I need to know. What is it that you're after? Is it finding the Avatar or is it something bigger than that? Are you trying to take over the world? What?"

"For now, it's conquering the world. And after that, I'll just have to see? The Fire Nation is the greatest civilization in history and somehow, this war is my way of becoming supreme ruler of the world. So that's what I'm going to do, now that peace and order is in the homeland."

"But, why? You don't have to do that." Haru asked.

"No! Stop this. I beg of you please. Don't set foot on our land and invade our home. Please. You don't have to do this."

Ozai said, "No. I need your town's coal mines to fuel my warships. I've come here to recruit as a miner myself. And seriously, I'm going to buy your town's coal fair and square."

He gestured to his warriors.

The Fire Nation soldiers occupied the mining town.

Ozai continued "I won't be taxing any of you filthy peasants. Now, if you excuse me, I have an occupation to fill and some coal to buy."

Haru lowered his head in sorrow.

Ozai said, "Stop worrying about your town and start worrying about your people. The earthbenders look like they could do with some patching up."

He stormed off after his soldiers into the village.

In the present, Haru continued to speak with Katara.

"Like I said before, Fire Lord Ozai's not stealing from us. He's buying the coal that he uses. And he even used to work here as a miner to earn the coal."

"Wow! And the coal mines in your village are being used to fuel the Fire Nation warships, right?"

"That's right. Right after the Fire Nation took over our village, my father and the other earthbenders left to fight in the War. We haven't seen them since."

Katara said, "He sounds like a great man."

The two approached the top of a steep cliff, going out to the setting sun.

Haru bent earth in a circle above his hand as he spoke.

Haru said, "Yeah. The problem is the only way I can feel close to my father now is when I practice my bending. He taught me everything I know."

Katara and Haru continued their walk along the dirt trail. A loud 'bomom' sounds and rock blasts form a distant mine entrance. An old man cries out.

Until the old man said, "Help me!"

Haru bent the earth, down the tunnel, freeing the old man.

An excited Katara said, "Haru! You did it!!"

The two take place beside the old man and aid him walking away from the mine. At the barn, Kya sat in her bedroll with a lamp in her lap. Katara and Sokka lay on a square bail of hay with their blanket over them. Aang was sprawled on Appa's head with Momo lying on his back.

Katara said, "It was so brave of Haru to use his earthbending to help that old man."

Hakoda said 'You must have really inspired him."

Katara said, "I guess so."

Kya said, "everyone should get some sleep, we're leaving at dawn."

Sokka said, "dawn? Can't we sleep in for once?"

Kya said, "absolutely not! this village is crawling with Fire Nation troops. If they discover you're here, Aang, we'll be eating fireballs for breakfast.

Katara said, "I'd rather eat fireballs than nuts."

Hakoda said, "'goodnight!"

Katara and Aang chuckled playfully and Sokka smirks wryly before he blows out the lamplight to get some rest.

The next morning, the travelers and their hosts stood outside the barn before Appa. Momo was already seated upon their steed.

Kya said, "Katara, listen, sweetie. Your mission is to get yourself and Aang to the North Pole. If your father and I come, we'll only get in the way. We'll stay here until you and Sokka return from the North Pole. I hope you understand."

Sokka said 'We understand, Mum."

Hakoda said, "I'm sorry, children. If you'd prefer for us to come, we will."

Katara said, "No, Dad. You're right. It's probably for the best if you stay here in Haru's village."

Sokka said, "I agree."

Katara said, "We'll be back for you soon."

She and her brother hugged their parents.

Sokka said, "Mum, Dad, we'll miss you."

Katara said, "Bye, Mum. Bye, Dad. We won't be apart for too long. I promise."

She and her brother climbed on top of Appa's saddle. Momo jumped on Katara's shoulder.

Aang said, "Thank for your hospitalities, both of you."

He bowed before Haru and the three adults. They bowed back.

Haru's mother asked Hakoda and Kya "That's him, isn't the Avatar."

Hakoda and Kya smiled and nodded at her.

Aang bent the air beneath him, landing upon Appa.

Aang shouted "Appa, yip yip!"

Appa took off into the air and flew away, bearing away his passengers from the three adults and Haru.

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