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Imperial Legionnaires
General information

Avatar Aang (early years)

Notable members

Dologan, Xenox, Ultru


Avatar Aang


Fort Eqiunox, south eastern Earth Kingdom



  • To keep peace in the world (fake)
  • Help Vade take over the Earth (real)

The Imperial Legionnaires were an evil organization created after the War by a man named Vade. Originally a peace keeping organization, the IL were meant to keep peace. Their bases were spread out across the world who constantly kept watch for threats to the Earth. Avatar Aang helped Vade create the IL, thinking that peace keeping was it's purpose. Though after the IL grew very large and powerful, Vade started a full-scale invasion of Earth.



The Imperial Legionnaires were first created after the War by a man known as Vade, who hailed from the Fire Nation and used to be a strong supporter of Fire Lord Ozai. He met the Avatar at the Fire Nation Capital and told Aang his plan of the Imperial Legionnaires, a peace keeping organization spread out throughout the world and quelled any threats to the world's peace as fast as possible. Aang agreed. After the organization grew, Vade eventually branched off from Team Avatar and launched a full-scale invasion of Earth, which was even more intense than The War.


The Imperial Legionnaires members had different ranks depending on their division, but these were the main ranks that each member had.

  • Tirone - The basic recruits of the IL.
  • Milite - More experienced soldiers who knew their way on the battlefield.
  • Legionary - Combat hardened troops that were mainly used on the front lines.
  • Magister - Elite troops, best of the military.
  • Legionary Sergeant - They lead squadrons and reported to Officers.
  • Officer - Field commanders of the IL who lead platoons.
  • Imperator - These men planned out the actions of the IL.
  • Lord - Personal advisors of Vade, very trusted and loyal.
  • Supreme Lord - The second in command.
  • Emperor - Leader of the IL.


The soldiers of the Imperial Legionnaires specialized in many different kinds of operations and tasks, and were split into divisions.

Ground Force


The Ground Force was allot like the main division, though for more elite soldiers. They endured combat on land and fought in some of the most intense battles of the invasion. Ground Force soldiers were used directly for assaults, and were never kept at one place for too long at a time.


The Ground Force had multiple ranks.

  • Recruit - The basic soldiers.
  • Private - These were the more experienced soldiers.
  • Operative - They were the elite troops of the Force.
  • Officer - Field commanders of the Force.
  • Generals - Leaders of the division, usually high ranks in the main division.



The Navy division was nearly as big as the Ground Force. Soldiers of this division fought in aquatic environments, and operated from seaside naval bases and from thousands of vessels of the Navy's vast armada. The Navy was larger than the Fire Nation's and controlled the seas with ease.


The Navy had various ranks for their soldiers:

  • Seamen - They were the basic soldiers of the Navy.
  • Ensign - More experienced sailors.
  • Petty Officer - In charge of ship stations.
  • Warrant Officer - Ship officers, second in commands of a vessel.
  • Captain - Commanded ships.
  • Admiral - Fleet leaders, usually controlled the Navy from offices on vessels.

Air Force


The Air Force branch controlled the skies and was the IL's air branch. Members of this division specialized in flying airships and air balloons, and also fighting from the ground, along with managing the vehicles of the Air Force. They were usually stationed at small airbases across the Earth.


The Air Force used several ranks:

  • Pilot - The basic pilots of the Air Force, expendable. Crewed airships and air balloons.
  • Pro Pilot - More experienced pilots, used in harder missions.
  • Technician - Helped in maintaining the airship fleet and construction of ships.
  • Captain - Squadron leaders.
  • Marshall - Leaders of the Air Force.

101st Division


The 101st Division was Vade's personal squadron and had some of the most elite forces of the IL. The 101st was used in many campaigns, and seeing 101st soldiers during an assault meant that Vade was present on the battlefield. 101st troops were in direct command of Vade, though had a separate squad commander.


The 101st had some ranks.

  • Squad Recruit - Basic soldiers, though were hand picked from already elite units.
  • Squad Elite First Class - The 101st's main troops, and were combat hardened.
  • Squad Elite Second Class - They were some of the best soldiers of the 101st and were worthy opponents.
  • Squad Superior - These men led small squads on the field.
  • Squad Drill Captain - Second in commands, and trainers.
  • Squad Commander - The leader of the 101st.

Fort Patrol


The Fort Patrol was the defense force that protected all of the IL's forts with heavy resistance. The Fort Patrol was heavily depended on and was hand picked from the medium ranks of the Ground Force. The Patrol usually fought alongside the Ground Force, though soldiers of the Patrol weren't allowed to leave their assigned base without high rank permission.


The Fort Patrol used a system of ranks and units.

  • Recruit - Basic soldiers of the Patrol, make up the bulk of the unit.
  • Wolf Platoon - A platoon of soldiers who specialize in defending a base's outer perimeter.
  • Tiger Platoon - Squad that defends the internal areas of a base.
  • Lion Platoon - A squad that is called into what ever position they are needed at.
  • Elite Defender - These soldiers are used in parts of the base that are losing to the enemy.
  • Platoon Commander - High ranks who lead the three platoons.

Elite Nine

The Elite Nine are Vade's elite squadron. They are the very best of the IL and report directly to Vade. They often fight alongside 101st Division troops and the 101st gives them escorts and other protection. The Elite Nine are hand picked by Vade from the high ranks of the IL. The Elite Nine do not have any form of ranks, and they are all equal other than Vade.


These are members of the Elite Nine, hand picked by Vade.

  • Officer Xenox - An Officer in the main division, Xenox is one of the Elite Nine's newest members but has proven to be highly skilled in the battlefield.
  • Imperator Ultru - A senior member, Ultru is an Imperator in the main division and is one of Vade's advisors. He is also the manager of the IL's Ground Force division.
  • Imperator Reaven - Reaven, an Imperator, is a member of the Elite Nine, though not much is known about him. Reaven is a wise Imperator and many are surprised that he is not a Lord yet. He leads the IL's Fort Patrol.
  • Imperator Korvem - He is another senior member of the Elite Nine and not much is known about him ether. Korvem is highly trusted and leads the Air Force division, being an ace pilot.
  • Imperator Vyrdrak - He is one of Vade's most trusted advisors, despite being an Imperator. Vyrdrak is the leader of the Navy division, and is excellent at battle tactics.
  • Lord Dologan - Dologan is one of Vade's Lords. He is in charge of gathering intelligence on enemies, even though the Investigation and Intelligence division only existed in IL for a few months before getting shut down. He is the Squad Commander of the 101st Division.
  • Lord Pyro - One of the senior members of the Elite Nine, Pyro is a Lord and is highly trusted by Vade. Pyro leads his personal squad called the Pyro Troopers.
  • Lord Shaye - Shaye is loosely tied with the IL and Vade, though he was Vade's friend sometime during The War. Vade has grown away from him, but Shaye knew all of the IL's secrets and codes and passwords, so he was to remain a Lord in IL. Shaye does not spend his time doing IL activities that much and is Vade's least favorite Lord.
  • Supreme Lord Vaktus - Vaktus is Vade's Supreme Lord. Vaktus is Vade's best friend and Vade tells Vaktus secrets and plans that he doesn't tell to the other Lords. Vaktus leads Imperial Legionnaires Royal Guard, an elite and small unit of warriors who serve Vade and Vaktus.
  • Vade - Vade is the leader of the IL. He doesn't count as a member of the Elite Nine, but is still considered by many as the Elite Nine's leader, though Vaktus manages the squad. Vade is ruthless and is genius, and got the Avatar to help him in his plan with IL.

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