By Omashu Rocks Part of the The House of Angkara continuity.
Iluna Rebels.png.
Iluna Rebels
General information


Notable members

Shen, Tenang, Hu Li, Amber




Kisah River Bank


Kisah Rebellions


To Eliminate the Angkara family and liberate Kisah from their grip

The Iluna Rebels are a group of teenagers in The House of Angkara who want to rid the city of Kisah from the rule of the Angkara Family. Each member of the group is an orphan.



  • The Symbol of the Iluna Rebels displays two red lines stemming from the same point to symbolize the two Firebending twins, Hu Li and Amber. The blue, wavy line represents the Waterbender, Komin. The straight, brown line signifies the Earthbender, Tenang's, firm, unwavering stances. The Chinese Character on that brown line is the word for "death".
  • The word "Illuna" is a Spanish word that translates to "Moonless".

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