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Unnamed Fire Nation boy
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Dao, Firebending, Chi Blocking


Appa, Azulon (deceased), Ozai(formerly), Iroh, Zhao (deceased), Aang (later on), Tina


Ozai(later on), Je Hong Gua, Northern Water Tribe(formerly), Southern Water Tribe (formerly), Earth Kingdom(formerly)

Chronological and political information

Fire Nation Navy, Pro-bending (after the Hundred Year War)

  • Private
  • Lieutenant (during Siege of Ba Sing Se)
  • Captain (after leading the destruction of The Outer Wall at Ba Sing Se)
  • Commander (after helping defend against the Invasion of the Fire Nation)
  • Admiral (after Sozin's Comet)
  • Probender (after retiring)

Fire Nation Military

First appearance

Appa's Lost Days

Last appearance

Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang

Illiam was a sweet and studious boy, but when the time called for it he was a powerful and agile firebender. He went to the Fire Nation Academy for Prodigies. He was drafted into the Fire Nation Military at the age of 12. He made many great military achievements He had a crush on a girl named Tina, his best friend, and married her after the war.


Early Life

At school he was proved to be a formidable opponent and a superior student even when he was surrounded by other prodigies. He had mixed feelings when he was drafted into the navy. On one hand he would miss his education which he truly loved and he would lose Tina. On the other hand, he would be able to be a hero in the Fire Nation.

During the War

Siege of Ba Sing Se

This siege was where he was sent to directly when he was drafted. When General Iroh looked at him, he knew there was something special about him and did not underestimate his size and sent him in front line missions. They developed a bond of trust and friendship.

Life as a Private

He was sent on a ship with Captain Lu Ten in charge. On the first day, they traveled on Lu Ten's River Steamer down the Qi Jin River to directly head and firebomb the earthbenders in the front of the Outer Wall. Before they could arrive, soldiers from the Earth Kingdom ambushed the ship with a barrage of rocks. Illiam guess their goal: take out Iroh's son Lu Ten. They wanted to weaken the siege from their general by attacking his emotions. Lu Ten was dumbstruck and did not know what to do. Then Illiam seized control of the ship and ordered the crew to protect Lu Ten. He then shouted for them to go in V formation and fire punch at the enemies continuously. All the enemies were knocked out and subsequently jailed by the Fire Nation. Iroh was deeply grateful and moved by Illiam and said, "I would abandon the siege and all hope in my life if my son died" and promoted Illiam to lieutenant.

Breaking the Outer Wall

Illiam was excited about his extremely early promotion and took new responsibilities heavily. He acted very authoritative and when teased by the other soldiers who were three times his age, he threatened to throw them overboard. Eventually the River Steamer docked at the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. The only hope for Ba Sing Se was to protect the Outer Wall from destruction. Because of this wall's reputation for being indestructible, Ba Sing Se was known as "the impenetrable city". Iroh devised a plan for breaching the Outer Wall. In short, the large armies and navies would attack plainly. Then Lu Ten's ship will land a small crew with Komodo Rhinos to scale the wall and burn its top. Then, in the chaos the wall will break down by itself. The plan succeeded but Lu Ten was killed by the Terra Team. When Lu Ten was killed, Illiam took the wheel of the River Steamer and steered the crew out of a storm of earth being shot their way continuously.

Hiding the Death of Lu Ten

Illiam told the whole army that if anyone told Iroh of his son's death, things would not end well. He proposed to hide it from Iroh as long as they could. Unfortunately the secret was spilled and Iroh had found out.

Abandoning of the Siege

After Iroh found out of his son's death, Illiam could hear him weeping in his chamber for hours. He eventually knocked on the door and Iroh welcomed him in. Iroh told him not only of his plans to end the siege and go on a journey, but also of his plans to promote Illiam to Captain and give him Lu Ten's River Steamer and crew. Illiam was shocked to hear all of this at once but immediately hid it.

Oppressing the Colonies

The Freedom Fighters went to the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom and started small rebellions. The Fire Nation simply dismissed it as the rambling of little rats and sent Captain Illiam and his small fleet of 1 Frigate, and 2 River Steamers. To dock at the colonies and stop the Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters proved to be much more of a threat than they seemed and Illiam had a hard struggle to defeat the resistance. Much to his surprise he found Tina speaking out to a crowd and provoking rebellion. Tina explained that the war was horrible and that the Fire Nation must be stopped and Sasuke could join them. He refused and they got in an Agni Kai. Sasuke burned Tina's hand in the Agni Kai and she gave up and ran. Illiam, standing dumbstruck, decided to temporarily go on a vacation to the circus to ease his mind.

Helping Appa

His parents brought him to the circus where he saw Appa being strangled by the Circus master in Appa's Lost Days. He did not wish to reveal his title as Captain Illiam so he could not help Appa. Eventually he was able to get Appa to be free.

The Invasion

Illiam was able to surround the invaders during the [Invasion of the Fire Nation] during the eclipse by commanding hundreds of warships. He earned the title of Commander. When he arrested the invaders working with Team Avatar he felt bad and made a decision. The next time he got the opportunity like this he would betray Fire Lord Ozai.

Sozin's Comet

During Sozin's Comet he greatly helped the Order of the White Lotus retake Ba Sing Se.

Later Life

He became an admiral and well liked by all of the nations. He eventually retired from the navy and became a pro-bender.


He was always an energetic, innocent child who had a compassionate heart. The Fire Nation simply manipulated his power. Though he was a little child, he was also an excellent military strategist and combatant who had been interested in the Navy ever since he was young.


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