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Naga (as the animal companion of the Avatar)

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Tala, Kulek Rohan, Hava Jinorra, Simi Rohan



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Tala's Eel Hound (animal guide)

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Chapter 1: Revival

Ilan was an Eel Hound raised and trained by Avatar Tala. He was incredibly loyal to her and was protective of his master.


Ilan was taken in his early youth as a pup by Avatar Tala. She trained him from his youth to be a reliable and enduring mount. Ilan grew up into a powerful runner that was eager to run anywhere, even from one end of the stable to another.

Ilan has seen little outside of Omashu since the war started, especially with winter in full motion. It wasn't until winter lightened its intensity before Tala rode out. By the time of the winter solstice, Tala was riding Ilan into battle, where his loyalty proved advantageous for the Avatar.


As an Eel Hound, Ilan was an incredibly fast runner and sprinter. Tala trained him so that he could handle rigorous activity for extended periods of time. Ilan is much more muscular than most Eel Hounds and so is much stronger than most of his kind. Tala also trained Ilan to not only answer her verbal commands but also a complex set of whistles and pitches thereby giving her an edge. Ilan is a capable fighter given his size over humans.


Ilan is generally quiet at any given time. But when he is excited or challenging, he usually bays. Ilan seems to forget how big he is, as he constantly gets stuck in openings too small for his frame.


Eel hound

The Eel Hound from A:TLA.

  • An Eel Hound was seen in the finale of Book 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender as a mount to speed Sokka, Toph, and Suki across the Earth Kingdom.
  • I picked an Eel Hound because a Badgermole is too slow.
  • Has a much deeper chest than is usual for his species. This muscular frame is to meet the needs of the Avatar where only speed isn't enough.

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