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Fire Lady Ilah is the wife of Fire Lord Azulon, the mother of Crown Prince Iroh and Prince Ozai. She was a caring mother to her sons, who often took the role of mediator whenever any of her sons had a quarrel with Azulon.


Little is known about Ilah's history. She was born in 17 AG to a very ambitious Fire Nation nobleman. As Fire Lord Sozin died three years later, his son Azulon, a single young man, became the monarch of the Fire Nation. Being at war all the time, he left to his mother, Fire Lady Hirohitaba, the burden to find him an adequate spouse. However, Fire Lady Hirohitaba was a bit mad: one of the qualities the wife of her only son would have to possess was an extremely high addiction to tea, a drink Hirohitaba famously loved. Hearing that, Ilah's father made her only drink tea for all of her young life, being allowed water only at age 15. This made Ilah an extremely devoted tea fanatic, and she passed the tasks to become Fire Lady. At the age of 18, she had an arranged marriage with Fire Lord Azulon, who was 35 at the time. Despite awkward beginnings, they soon grew accustomed to each other, and would even in their late marriage develop affection for one another.

In 36 AG, she gave birth to the Heir to the throne of the Fire Nation, a son who was named Iroh after her. In 52 AG, she gave birth to a second son, named Ozai.

Personality and traits

Ilah was a very reserved person, quiet and polite. Having no political function, she instead focused on the well-being of her children. A very loving mother, she wanted to bring balance to her family and each of his members to be happy. This was often complicated by the clashes of interest between Azulon and Iroh, and later Ozai.

Ilah didn't have a very good health. The birth of Iroh weakened her very much, and from this time she was unable to stay too long under the harsh light of the afternoon sun. She was also known to stay to bed regularly. Ozai's birth was a surprise, as it didn't have any complication.

Ilah was known to greatly enjoy tea, a trait she passed to her elder son, Iroh. She was not a Firebender.

Physical Appearance

Ilah was a rather short person, a bit plump and a little broad. Like most Fire Nation citizens, she had ebony black hair; her eyes, however, were grey.



Despite their arranged marriage, Azulon and Ilah slowly but eventually started to appreciate each other, although it wasn't love.


Ilah and Iroh were very close. If Iroh sought Hayao's councils on various topics, it was always Ilah that Iroh came to ask advice on a particular matter Iroh never truly understood in his young years: girls.


Ilah and Ozai's relationship when he was a newborn was the typical one between a mother and her baby: they both loved each other very much.

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