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By MibuWolf Part of the Bathe in Flames continuity.

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Ila Amaruq
Biographical information

United Republic



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Fighting style(s)



Moshui, Norio Date, Zian Ye, Jie Kita, Torao Mori


Order of the White Lotus

Chronological and political information

Anying Jiaoben


Ila Amaruq is the waterbending daughter of Moshui whose mother died in the Republic City Inferno.


Ila has medium-length, shaggy brown hair which falls just past her shoulders. Unlike many waterbenders, Ila has a fairly pale complexion, though her blue eyes betray her bending element. She stands at a fairly average height at a little under 160 centimeters, though is below average weight for her height. Most of her clothes are over sized, making her appear considerably thinner and more petite.


Ila has a remarkably fiery personality for a waterbender. She is never hesitant to voice her opinions; in particular, Ila never hides the fact that she is embarrassed by her father's antics as well as disapproves of his relationship with Suyin Lao. Though her opinionated nature makes her come across as extroverted, in fact Ila is more of an introvert. She has developed an intense crush for Zian Ye and demonstrates her teenage awkwardness while stumbling over words and swooning while talking to him.


Waterbending - Ila is a skilled waterbender who was trained by a private teacher early in her life.


Ila is an old French name meaning "Island." Amaruq is a unisex Inuit name meaning "wolf."
• In Polynesian mythology, "Ila" is the first woman on Tutuila.

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