By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow and Book Seven: Order continuity.
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11 (Book Five: Memory)


163 AG

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Tenzin (father), Meelo, Jinora, Rohan (siblings)

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Air Acolytes

Ikki Is a happy, energetic girl and one of the first airbenders of the new age, alongside her father and siblings. Among her siblings, while she'd been the most bombastic, she was also left out on various things by Jinora and Meelo.

Book Five: Memory

Throughout the time since the battle with Kuvira ended, Ikki's overall life remained much the same, not much different had happened to her. Probably the closest difference in her life was that she began to handle some of her own bending styles, mostly refusing training with Jinora.

One day, she, her siblings and Kai had gotten Korra to play "capture the flag" in the Spirit World. The airbenders were doing well in their game until the last possible second, when Korra caught them, Ikki and Meelo running into the rock wall Korra made to stop them. Ikki and the others ended up caught by an annoyed rock spirit, which basically told them to go away. Ikki tried to reason until it was driven off by another spirit. When Korra was reminded of her work back home, Ikki wanted her to stay, but was a bit unsuccessful. She and the others stayed for an hour more until their mother came looking for them, a bit worried.

On her own

Sometime afterwards, Ikki woke up and gotten a call from the Northern Water Tribe chiefs, Desna and Eska, telling her about the Qishi and the trouble they were causing back in the North Pole. She was told to tell Korra about the news, and she immediately went off to tell them what was going on, thus meeting Ziyou. After some relation for a bit, Ikki informed Korra about the situation, and went off to tell the others about it. Before the group left, Ikki wanted to go, not wanting to be left out of the adventure, yet she was advised to stay in the city to help them out when they could. Ikki agreed, though still didn't feel as up for it. This affected her so much that, later on that night, she ran away in order to find Korra, leaving a note behind telling them where she was going.

Ikki continued to fly for the rest of the night, eventually resting in the forest. As she was, she came across her Hummingbird Spirit, whom she told her issues to for a bit, until she had to hide away in a tree due to a pack of deerhound showing up. Ikki remained in her tree, even when the deerhounds saw her, but was even more terrified when a huge "Monster" showed up, which Ikki accidentally fell on once she tumbled out of the tree. Ikki just managed to escape, but not before losing her shoe to the beast.

Since then, she continued flying for a few more days, almost non-stop, until she came across a robbery of one of the cargo trains. Ikki rushed in and took battle, eventually winning the fight, and getting the workers free. As a reward, and their version of thanks, they allowed her a ride to the next town, which coincidentally was north anyway, her original direction.

After the ride, Ikki quickly found out where Team Avatar was, and finally caught up with them. However, the team was rather shocked, and even gave the indication of bringing her back, but Ikki insisted that she stayed. With the help of Ziyou, Ikki was able to come along with them. Ikki was very excited to do so, and with that, she went up into the airship with the others.

North Pole

Before they arrived to the North Pole, Ikki began to retell her story of her travel through the Earth Kingdom. Her story impressed most of the group, though Kai's reaction made her a bit peeved, her showing her "example" by blowing him off his chair. When Korra and Asami left and Mako said how odd their relationship was, Ikki did not think much of it, claiming that they were friends, and that it shouldn't really be anything that weird.

When the group arrived at the North Pole, she followed the others straight to Desna and Eska, where she tried to lend her help with the issue. When the first attempt failed, Ikki went with Kai and Asami to handle the problem. Ikki's main plan was to simply ask them to leave, which didn't exactly work.

Back at the palace, Ikki was reminded about her personal promise to tell Tenzin about her whereabouts, and called Tenzin on the palace's phone. Ikki told her family that she was okay, and where she was, but was annoyed when she found out that Meelo threw away her letter without reading it. When told to come back home, Ikki protested, saying she was plenty safe with Korra. Soon after the call, she found the Qishi back in the palace, and tried to drive them away. However, she was hit back again. She was about to fight again, when the phone rang again, turning out to be Fire Lord Izumi. Ikki answered it, and was told about the issues in the Fire Nation, mirroring the trouble the Water Tribe was dealing with. So, to help out, she took the message, and told the others about it before they left the Northern Water Tribe.

Book Six: Shadow

Sometime afterwards, Ikki continued on her daily routines back in Republic City, until the team found out about the Voronon. Ikki wanted to go but instead of sneaking off like before, Tenzin agreed under terms, namely only if she allowed Jinora to go with her. Happy with the terms at hand, Ikki went right in and was soon on her way.

She remained a big help for Team Avatar, her biggest involvement was with the fight with Gronihag and Yiplov. At one point, when Korra tried to call in, Ikki was the first to answer it but was annoyed when she was "hung up" on, getting Jinora's attention on the matter. When they found out about the issue in Accuro, Ikki went back there with the rest and helped Jinora and Bolin, while the others distracted Katayt and Koyot. She soon escaped once Korra and Ziyou were free.

Afterwards, they went right to Ba Sing Se, where Korra and Ziyou were put in a hospital, Ikki remaining in Ba Sing Se during their recovery. While getting food from the market, Ikki not only found out about the upcoming fireworks event, but also about a strange beast (Liunovvix) attacking people in the area. When the group found one of the attack scenes, Ikki stayed with Jinora to tend to the victims while help was coming back.


Ikki's mainly the family's happy child, always bouncy and happy most of the time. She's usually glad to have fun and play games, although she does get a bit peeved once left out of things or bothered by Meelo and Jinora, being the middle child as well. She had grown a bit more mature, but still retained her positive viewpoints and trusting attitude. However, since her lack of being apart from the whole Avatar search months prior, she'd also grown a habit to become apart of whatever situation presents itself to the team.


  • Ikki is the first, and only character, to break the forth wall. When Bolin was about to swear, Ikki covered his mouth, reminding him of the PG rating their story has.

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