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The Balance of Power


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5th of November, 2012

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Chapter 2: Ignis Incognita

Our slumbering back home from the factory had actually been much different from normal...blisters aside, the cool northern winds coming from the sea and the Eternal Mountains, combined with the morning sun, made it quite the relaxing travel.

Now that we didn't need to cover our faces from a blizzard, the sight of the dark northern ocean and the thundering white mountains, was an amazing sight, a hidden haven right around the corner; one I definitely will visit once I am free.

District 3 seemed to be buzzing with people, most of them workers from both our factory and the iron smelter up in the mountains; seemed everyone had lost their jobs and were in a hurry to head to their homes and pack up their belongings

The Welfare center and the bank were overflowing ;everyone wanted to get a hold of their payments. "Everyone will leave this place within the next few days" My dad explained. "It'll take a bit of time for the recruitment centers and training areas to be set up, and by then, everyone will be long gone, us included."

We didn't waste time fiddling with the town's unimportant issues; we simply wnt home and did what was most important. We collapsed on our beds, my teeth argued to my careless attention when my face hit the solid thing, but tiredness took care of numbing it enough for me to get a well needed snooze...

I was awaken by some intolerant and impatient jerk slamming his fists brutally on the front door.

Heng's obnoxious and omnipotent yelling followed while I went to open it. "OPEN THE DOOR, I'm supposed to live here!"

"I'm coming!" I yelled back, wiping the gunk off my eyes.

"Hiroshi!" Akira squeaked happily once I opened the door, jumping onto me. "I was looking everywhere for you, I thought you had already left without us!" She added, looking at me with her typical concerned expression

"Oh, so, now you're glad to see him? What about all of that, "I'll find the coward and rip his-"

"Heng...I was...a...actually talking about you" Akira improvised

"Ahhhh, okay then...wait a second..." Heng pondered, we giggled

"Did you guys get the boot as well?" Heng asked once he gave up on brainstorming; I nodded back. "Just who do these guys think they are!? Getting rid of us in payment day! I'll rip their ugly faces a new one!" He yelled loudly, trying to get attention from nearby bystanders

" much money do we have?" I asked concerned.

Heng pulled out his pockets from his pants, showing their emptiness...Akira had a few copper coins, which was barely enough for her to live with for a couple of days. Iroh had nothing, he was supposed to get paid today anyways...

But, I remembered the coin bag Heng gave me; I looked for it frantically inside my jacket and on our small shanty, but it wasn't anywhere! It must've fallen off my pocket when Tetsuo threw us out of the factory!

"I can help" Akira spoke when she heard Heng's stomach growl, "I have enough so we all can enjoy a nice meal" "You really shouldn't do this" Heng answered, trying to hide his worry for Akira's sake

"I know...but I want to anyways, we get some grub, pack our things and take a train out of here," Akira answered.

"You're a blessed soul, child," my dad thanked. "Come on, I won't think on an empty stomach" she added, smiling happily.

It became typical of Akira, to risk things she had, sometimes even herself, for other people; opposite to everything her parents stood for. Akira's family were part of a rotten society of aristocrats, abusing people with their wealth and power on the Northlands. The only thing I truly thank King Hiroto for, was that he got rid of the crooks; our king's paranoia thought it would be best not to take chances as to sharing power, so he presented the aristocrats with 2 options; death or surrendering power and children...

It sickens me that her parents didn't even hesitate to sell their daughter as a slave for their own safety...

I never knew how Akira managed to escape her mansion when the Qomawyn Guards went to get her. But she did and never told much about it; only that after leaving her home, she ran towards District 3 to find me. She was always a kind girl, never spoiled by her riches, but when she lost everything, she grew a hatred of being incapable to help others and herself, which is why she tends to depend so much on hope and on the feeling of being responsible and helpful, even if her choices are foolish.

We walked back to the welfare center downtown, but as we got closer to it, it seemed that a lot of people had the same idea...and it weren't just the workers from the factories; it was everyone, the workers, miners, bureaucrats, the whole town seemed to be gathering there

The streets were flooding quickly, everyone rushing, seemed confused and scared. I froze when I saw the massive crowding, the whole town must've gathered on a single spot

"I think...this has something more to do than just people being hungry" Heng suggested, bumping into equally confused people, who dashed towards the continuously growing crowd.

"What's happening!?" Akira asked scared, covering her mouth. "Stay here, I'm going in to find out" Heng answered, running in and melting with the crowd

"Heng, wai-!" I tried to stop him, but my hand couldn't get a grip through the people, and he vanished "That brutish goon!" I complained

My dad lost patience and got a hold of another man before he ran into the mess. "What's going on here!?" Iroh demanded

"The recruiters got here already! th-they closed down the welfare center and aren't letting any food out for us! The Avatar isn't doing anything about it either!" The man answered frightened

I tried to see what was happening at the building, I barely managed to spot a few guards on top of its flat roof, they were moving around and yelling at people, but I couldn't make up what they were saying to each other.

The guards extended their arms forward and lifted them up in the air, causing a stone wall to rise from the ground, covering the street and the building. Then, the wall started sliding away from the building, pushing everyone away from it.

Panic broke out and people began running away and towards us. I looked at Akira and my dad, whom had frozen at the oncoming wave. "We have to run!" I managed to say, breaking the psyche.

Iroh nodded and turned around while I grabbed Akira's hand and followed him closely. I huffed and yelled, pushing and being pushed by people I didn't know. I don't know how, but my grip on Akira was tight enough to not lose her in that mess.

Movement quickly became impossible, everywhere I looked and walked, there was a wall of people. I looked up at the skies, and saw that more guards had raised more walls, blocking all streets, windows and alleys on all sides, locking everyone inside a tight box.

Akira was terrified, she was so scared that she wrapped her arms around mine to make sure she wouldn't lose me.

"SILENCE!" A violent and powerful yell came from the top of an apartment block, echoing through our entrapment, silencing everyone; Avatar Tetsuo had used his air bending to enhance the volume of his horrible voice to overwhelm everyone below him. We all stared at him. "Thank you" he added

"As you may know, you are all... unemployed, poor, starving and helpless civilians..." he spoke loudly, marking a short silence for a few seconds. "...But...we all have our problems, and this is the answer that I came up with, to my, yours and our king's problems, altogether."

Everyone continued to stare, I was guessing what he would say next, but I really, really hoped that I was wrong. "We need more manpower to defeat the Khanate before it destroys all of us..." lucky guess...

"Didn't our king defeat the Khanate at District 1!?" A man yelled from below. The Avatar frowned and groaned, he really didn't want to deal with any sort of opposition.

He signaled the guards to raise a stone pillar in the middle of the crowd for he to stand on and answer properly. "I'd guess this position would make things clearer for all of us, now, who asked that question?"

"I did!" The middle aged man came out of the crowd and looked up at the Avatar "And who may you be?" he asked, staring angrily at the bold civilian.

"I'm Giresun, contract-employee of Qomawyn National Industries for the past 10 years" He answered, arms folded and a daring glare on his face.

"Good for, what was your question?"

"I heard last night at the welfare center that our king had defeated the Khanate and the Ezhiung kingdom, what's up with that, what's up with these walls and us getting fired if everything's so smooth?" he asked arrogantly

"You HEARD of that? What makes you believe I'll trust your words without anyone to vouch for them!?" The Avatar asked angrily "A Qomawyn guard delivered the news at the diner, he had an official scroll!"

"What made you BELIEVE, he's right, or that he didn't modify the news, how do you know that this wasn't some sort of fake rebel propaganda or that he spoke what he wished to speak, did you write the news? Or better yet, did you personally fight the Khanate to know!?" He yelled; Giresun stood quiet, losing judgment, becoming doubtful and unsure of his own words. "Your distrust and lack of common sense sickens me, away with you!" The Avatar sneered.

The man stared down at the ground in defeat and melted back into the crowd, Tetsuo stood proudly once more and continued his speech. "We require strong men to continue the fight of our survival, the Si Wong Khanate is advancing dangerously quickly towards our lands, and we must defend know for a fact, some of you may be thinking, 'Oh, Si Wong's aren't so bad, they'll provide us with what we want if we join em'!" He mocked, pointing south;

"May I remind you, that the Khanate is nothing more than a blatant ever expanding horde that originated from sand nomads and vicious south Earth Kingdom conquerors! Do you think that your condition will improve!? That there won't be looting and violence from their part!? You're all FOOLS!" He stared down at everyone, waiting for a dare.

"It may be worth it, maybe they won't exhaust us to death with slave work o-or steal all of our food, they shouldn't burn down the towns that don't resist them, those are the rules and th-they must have principals!" A mother yelled, caring for the crying baby on her arm.

"HA!" He laughed at the scared mother. "Rules!? Who said anything about rules!? THIS IS WAR, BABY, ALL IS FAIR!" He smirked. He enjoyed talking about war as if it were some sort of game, one where he was the best piece in the board

"So you're asking me to send my remaining children to fight and die, just because I'm scared something will happen to me, I've lost my husband and my first born to recruitment, and you expect me to do so again?!" She asked, tears forming in her eyes. "How can you be so sick!?" She inhaled the agony of thinking of the outcome of her son's recruitment. "How can you all be this mentally ill!?" She continued, still crying.

"Lady..." He remarked when he hopped down next to her. "Are you absolutely sure that the Khanate is going to step in, get rid of all us guards and just let you and your go?" He asked, gently scratching the child's bald head. "That they won't do anything to you and your family?"

The mother tried to mumble something, but she couldn't make out her words. "There are far worse monsters in this planet than me, or King Hiroto for that expect a horde of vicious raiders to provide a better home than we do, can you guarantee no looting and no violence?" Tetsuo asked, receiving no response from the mother, which angered him.

"Yet you still seem to doubt me..." He added, sighing "I tried to be diplomatic over here with you people, but it seems I'll have to be the mean guy to make sure the right thing gets done" From my position, I could tell he was lying...he was barely holding in his smile!

The Avatar walked towards the walls, hands folded on his back, and ran on them with his airbending, showing off his skills before he reached the top. He took time to fix his hair under his hat before glaring back at us. "All of the men will leave this trap, and will be enrolled into the Qomawyn army to fight" he ordered

"What if we refuse!?" I heard Heng yell from somewhere in the crowd

"Then everyone who is associated with such deserter will have his family and friends burried alive, and then, I'll personally kill the deserter once he's grieved enough. If victory takes too long, all the women and children left behind shall starve, simple as that" The Avatar's look was beyond evil, I could tell his sadistic mind was already imagining how to crush those who refused

"NO, I PREFFER DYING!" An earthbending worker yelled, pointing at the Avatar; He bent down onto the ground and lifted a huge boulder, aiming at the Avatar with a threatening intent. He let out all of his anger in a yell before throwing the stone, but then, the Avatar simply pulled out a rather strange and shiny- BANG!

The Earthbender stopped in the midst of his attack, he couldn't took me a while to realize that, he was bleeding from his back...something had penetrated through his chest. The bender fell on the ground and the boulder fell near him; the people around backed away, screaming with terror

"What...was that?" Akira asked behind my back

Guns, practically the equalizer between benders and none-benders; and the Avatar had the bravery to pull one onto someone who was looking for a fair fight for his family. That coward!- I thought angrily

The Avatar blew off some of the heat from the revolver and hid it once more under the sleeves of his uniform. "Now...anyone else have any questions as to what I will do if you defy me!?"


"Anyone else at all? Speak now, I am the Avatar, I am here to listen and to restore the order on this world, if you have any doubts on me, stand up and face me!"


"Good..." He smiled. "GUARDS, open some spaces for the men to go out; organize them in Fire, water, earth and none-benders!" He ordered.

A few guards jumped down into the pit with us; staying alert to attack anyone who tried anything funny.

Men started to leave the trap as small bits of the wall were torn open by the guards; I stepped forward, knowing it had to be done, but Akira wouldn't let go; her eyes were flashed opened, her hands were shaking with fright. "If you leave..." she said, sniffing. "You won't come back, they never come back!" She grabbed a hold of me and hugged me tightly. "It's going to be okay Akira...I'll make the exception" I re-assured her.

"My dad did that promise already...he didn't keep it!" she answered me, crying on my shoulder. "Listen to me, Akira..." I pleaded, raising her head so we could look eye-to-eye. "I keep my promises...I just can't stand behind and let my dad and Heng be lost to this war, I have to help them; I promise upon my life that I will be back to you..." I was trying to re-assure her broken spirit, though I actually felt I was re-assuring my own

She stares confused, not being able to find the words to respond; so instead, she cuddles me once more and whispers with a slight angered tone. "Take care you dang fool."

"Oi, cupcake, let go of your girlfriend and get over here!" A guard grabbed my shoulder and pulled me away from Akira; It would've been foolish to resist so I complied, turning my back on her and walking away

As soon as I was out of the imprisonment, I was blindfolded and thrown upon my knees on the ground.

"Hey, what is this!?" Someone yelled.

"A test you better not fail" A guard answered while he tied my hands with ropes...I assumed the gate for the wall was closed, otherwise Akira would've already seen this and gone berserk on the guards

"Now...I want everyone to tell and bending" I heard the Avatar speak many meters away from me.

"Name and bending," he ordered.

"Fey, I don't bend."

"Name and bending."

And it went on and on; surprisingly, no one that had gone through my side was a fire bender...which confused me, there were a bunch of fire benders in district 3, where had they all gone?

"Name and bending" I heard the Avatar ask and I could feel him casting his cold shadow over me; he was right in front of me.

"Hiroshi...I... fire bend" I answered with hesitation

There was an odd silence following my response, I couldn't know what was going on, but I could tell that the Avatar was pondering on what to do; This guy doesn't mean pleseant business- I thought pessimistically

"Fire bend for me."

"I am blindfolded, kind sir, I cannot fire bend if I can't see, It's dangerous for me" I answered politely, like I was taught to by the guards; Live polite or die a scumbag that was the ordeal...right?

"You think I'm stupid or something!? Fire bend the ropes away!" He ordered impatiently

"I'll get burned!" I argued, normally, praising the guards would get me off the hook, and if it didn't...

"Firebend your freedom, or....else" He threatened me, sending a chill down my spine.

I breathed in heavily, moving my arms a bit into position, feeling the rope scratching on my wrists; I concentrated on delivering all of my heat to my hands, I learnt fire bending is enhanced by desire and power, it feasts on determination and it is most efficient when disciplined.

"There we go..." The Avatar added when small flames began to burn above my hands. "It's not good enough, free yourself completely."

I did my best to be careful, but the rope was burning so slow; it was also hurting my wrists, because I couldn't see, the rope had caught fire all around, burning my hands, I could feel almost as if they were being sliced. I grinned at my teeth and strong as I could, holding in my inside torment so Akira wouldn't hear it

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" The Avatar cried out and I immediately stopped bending, falling on my back and rolling on the ground, extinguishing the fire while groaning in pain.

"It's not him, we're looking for the world's greatest firebending master, not someone who can barely pass as a human match box!" the Avatar added with a taunt

"But sir, we've inspected all Firebenders in this district, none have the sort of power you're searching, they're all workers of the factory; Tea-brewers!" A guard answered

"Well then the answer's obvious...the world's greatest firebender is hiding, as a normal none-bender!" and odd silence followed, I assumed it was because the guards weren't sure to believe him or not

"And yes, don't question my knowledge on this subject, it came from a guaranteed source; Korra's Spirit assured me the firebender was here, I can feel that rat hiding among the mice" The Avatar replied

Avatar Korra!? Why would she help this evil excuse for a human being anyways!? I thought angrily

"You there!" The Avatar yelled to me before I felt his hands press hard on my neck, nearly choking me. "Who in your family is a firebender?!" he demanded, but I couldn't answer, his grip was too tight!

"Avatar Tetsuo! Hiroshi's mother has passed away a long time ago" A guard answered for me thankfully once they realized I could only grasp for air

"And who the heck is Hiroshi!?" The Avatar asked confused "The young lad you're choking...sir."

"Oh...why didn't you say so!?" The Avatar laughed back, dropping me on the floor. "I take you know his father?" he asked once more.

"He's a lazy none-bender, sir" the guard answered.

"Oh, is he now...any records on the mother?" he asked. "None...really?" He added, I assumed the guard must've shaken his head

"What's his name?"


Tetsuo giggled evilly. "What a clever slob he has been..." he remarked.

"Hey, leave him out of this!" I yelled, shortly receiving a kick on my left cheek as a response

"I didn't say you could talk!" the Avatar yelled. "Bring him here, right now."

I waited on the floor, grinning my teeth in pain, I certainly felt that Tetsuo broke some sort of facial bone...wait...bones with the kick. "Come on, sit correctly," a guard told me, helping me sit up on my knees.

It took me some time to realize that moving would worsen my pain, so it did take me a few minutes to carefully absorb all of the pain and stay calm, until my blindfold was removed, and I saw my father and the Avatar standing face to face in some sort of circle made by the guards and the others

I tried to speak, but just trying to move my jaw would mess around the sharp loose bones on my cheek

"You do remember what an Agni Kai is, right?" Tetsuo asked rhetorically; receiving a silent glare from Iroh

"It's a fire benders duel, in this case, to the death, to determine the superior've been in these so many times before I'm astonished you even dare to claim your true nature; I will be fighting you, and this time, Ozai, you're not coming out alive!" The Avatar taunted, taking a defensive position

"You're insane Tetsuo!" he yelled. "I'm not a bender, I'm not who you're looking for, this is a dangerous way to waste my time!" my dad explained, standing straight

"Oh you think you're so clever and all, as always. But you'll fold, I know I can make you, you can't hide your cover forever!" The Avatar taunted, but Iroh didn't even flinch at his threat.

"Suit yourself." The Avatar thrusted his fists forward, sending a huge blaze that engulfed around my father, the only thing Iroh did was take a defensive stance and cover his head, bracing for the impact. "DAD!" I yelled, ignoring the pain of my mouth.

Iroh was instantly pain, the fire around him closed in fast and was already inflicting severe burns on his arms, which he refused to take away in order to cover his face.

The Avatar stood in front of his fire, looking at Iroh and me a couple of times before sighing. "Ugh...I didn't think I could've been wrong..." he said before blowing off the fire with his air bending

Iroh crawled up into a ball and hugged his toasted left arm. "Get a water bender to heal that arm before it falls off, we need all the good men necessary to fight the Khanate" Tetsuo ordered, walking away angered at his inconclusive quest

"Move onto the next row of prisoners, it's time we test them all...again!" Tetsuo ordered.

"Wouldn't this sort of test disable most of the men and waste a lot of time?" A guard asked.

Tetsuo flinched and smirked, looking over his shoulder at the guard who spoke. "You got any better ideas? If you do, be my guest," he asked.

"Well...yeah...sorta...if this firebender is as good as you say, we can easily make him prove himself at the battlefield, there's no need to hunt for him ourselves when the Khanate can do it for us!" The Guard spoke with a familiar tone; he was the man who had delivered the news to the diner the other night!

Tetsuo scratched his chin goatee, pondering on the idea and smiling happily to it. "That's actually not bad thinking, how do you come up with these things?" He asked

"Well...I'm against burning people...and I do like using common sense every now and's useful sometimes" He seemed to be joking, but I actually took it quite seriously and thanked him; considering what Tetsuo had done within only a day from his arrival.

"Alright, get the lorries over here, we need to get these men as fast as possible to District 1!" He ordered, the guards nodding and proceeding

"No gentlemen, if anyone's thinking to use the Qowa express as a transport in and out of the battlefield, you're wrong, the train station by District 1 was captured, so we have to drive there" Tetsuo added before he walked away

"Now listen well, there is no sign of civilization out there aside from the road, and especially now in the cold seasons, it's only been a miracle we haven't seen horrible snow yet so predators are out there, it would be very helpful if you refrained from attempting escape...let us remind you again of the people who are behind those walls."

A Guard threatened us, pointing at the stone prison which held the women and children. "Enjoy the war" he smiled evilly while we were driven out of town and into the bumpy roads and freezing tunnels that went through the Eternal Mountains

All of us were sitting on the sides of the truck with our heads down, some thinking, some sleeping. There was a single guard with us there, and he was reading some sort of newspaper, but upon closer look, I noticed it had some sort of foreign language written on it.

I felt curious, so I carefully pointed at the took a few seconds but he seemed to understand my question and answered. "Well, I don't exactly trust the local newspaper, the past 5 years it's been nothing but propaganda, from my point of view, we're getting our pancakes flipped in this war and I'm very curious as to why...Ezzie newspapers have a lot of information, which I can exploit since I know their language, it says here that there are plenty of reasons why we're losing, we're not even considered a threat anymore by the Ezzies."

"Maybe it's because we don't want to fight anymore" An old man who sat across me added, receiving many nods from the passengers.

"Personally, I care as much for the Kingdom as I care for a mosquito, but I believe that people have forgotten the real reason we're fighting" He justified his position.

"And what is that reason Captain Qomawyn?" A young lad taunted.

"That the Earth King is an Absolutist Maniac, that the Khanate is a violent horde of destruction and that Qomawyn can at least assure us with food, a home and a job, so I am willing to fight to the death just to have that security for me and my family; you don't know what it means to have any sort of money in today's world, be thankful for every copper coin you can get your hands on!" He answered

"If you're too pessimist to accept my point of view, here's one that will help you with your will to fight. Within the next few days......once we're out of this steppe and into the grassy fields of district 1, we'll be fighting Khanate Ostrich-dragoons...and they won't care if you're a good person, if you've eaten your veggies all of your life and have a family; its either kill or be killed. Your life depends on how well you and the ones next to you fight off the enemy, so focus and don't panic" He explained further.

"How are we supposed not to panic when rocks, fireballs, guns and whatever else are flying over our heads with the chance of knocking it off our necks!?" The kid argued.

"I can't make the promise that none of you will perish, but I can tell you this, keeping your head in the battle, physically and mentally; while fighting to your last breath, knowing what your surroundings are, gives you a better chance of not getting yourself killed and not killing an ally" The Guard gave his final explanation, going back into his newspaper

"'re's best to try than to simply give up?"

The Guard laughed a bit before going back to his newspaper. "We'll be fine."

That short conversation felt...calm; normal guards are seen as sadistic creatures who enjoy to abuse their power, bullies, which in a lot of cases is true, mainly because the real guards; the real men who protected their nation and its people, are out here fighting and not babysitting us at the factory. I took into account what the guard said, and I decided to plan out what I would do at the barracks of District 1.

First I had to tend to my wounded mouth; it just bothers me too much, the loose bone wriggling around inside my cheek was too unnerving; then I'd have to find my dad and Heng, and see if we can plan something more from that, such as being on the same unit...or escape; I nodded to myself, planning ahead is smart- I thought

Then, I seemed to have drifted into Akira the treatment she was receiving back at District 3, I had to find a way to get back to her in one piece as fast as possible . I continued daydreaming until the dark and cold dusk of the mountain covered us...and I ended up falling asleep on some other guy's shoulder; he didn't seem to mind too much...


Oh...that's why...never mind I thought he was being friendly...

It surprised me how quickly I managed to sleep! I can't stress enough how annoyingly awful it felt having something wiggle around under your skin...ugh...and the burnt wrists weren't helping at all

Maybe the guard was right, I should thank King Hiroto for exhausting the life out of me, allowing me to sleep...well...rather...collapse unconsciously on someone's shoulder. Which, is what we define in district 3 as "Sleeping."

Heng on the other hand was travelling on a different truck, way behind me, alongside my father. He was extremely angry, staring nonstop at the old guard, thinking he could leave and escape so easily! Then again, Iroh would see his expressions and whisper to him "Your parents and Akira" which reminded him why he had to stay put, he really, truly hated not being able to do anything at all

"So...we're going to fight someone else's war then, huh?" Heng directed the question to Iroh, but he said it out loud in order to catch attention and taunt the guard.

"We're going to survive and help our families survive, don't blur the image of who the enemy is" Iroh had trouble talking, he was concentrating on keeping his wounds covered at all times

"I don't think threatening us to fight is going to be a good strategy, morale wise, I feel more impelled to crush your neck more than anything!" Heng threatened the guard, who snorted and laughed at his effort. "Hey, I'm nearly an official adult, so you better watch it, buddy!"

"Me? Keep talking like that lad, and no one here will get water in the morning, nor will we stop to take a whiz" The guard threatened.

"Hmph!" Heng grunted, looking away

"Hey, how come we're losing to the Khanate? I mean, we are using guns that can fire from a very long distance a-and artillery and what-nots!" A man asked the guard

"I don't the Avatar said, no one really knows how the Khanate fights...we've hit 'em with tanks, airplanes and even machineguns, but...we can't beat them" the Guard answered

"Huh...why not?" Heng asked

"Because apparently, the Khanate has done a very good job of cleansing the battlefield of the enemy, for the last decade, the Khanate has not taken prisoners, no one ever survives their battles" The guard answered

"But...they must've been defeated...somewhere, at least once!" Iroh spoke with disbelief but the guard shook his head from side to side. "Never. Lost. A. you gotta understand the situation, if you wanna live, you gotta sleep now, cause we ain't sleeping once we've stopped this truck"

Everyone looked at each other fearfully, the guard didn't seem to care a bit about fighting the Khanate...but who knew what plans were in store for us, the fresh meat.

Tomorrow would be a new day, how I wished it wouldn't come.... we would see what the Qomawyn Guard had stored for an unbeatable army

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