By EskaDesna21 Part of the I Am the Solution continuity.
Biographical information

Republic City, United Republic


Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Republic City, United Republic




151 AG

Physical description



1.70 m

Hair color


Eye color

dark grey

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Elecrtified glove

Fighting style(s)

combat, chi-blocking

Chronological and political information






First appearance

Prologue (I Am the Solution)

Early life

Iesen was born in the Northern Water Tribe in 151 AG. In late 161 AG she went with her parents to visit her aunt and uncle to the Southern Water Tribe. During their time there, some of the former Tribe members rebelled and her parents, uncle and cousin were killed during the attack. Iesen stayed to live with her aunt, but she was left emotionally scarred.

Running away and joining the Equalists

In 165 AG Iesen ran away from the Southern Water Tribe, not wanting to spend any more time in the place her family was killed. She found her way to Republic City, but she couldn't find a job there, so she was forced to live on the streets. Few months later, she was recruited by the Equalists. Amon soon recognized her above average fighting skills, so he made her one of his few apprentices and trained her personally. The two quickly became friends, Iesen becoming the only person Amon would trust. She quickly ascended trough the ranks of Equalists becoming a highly ranked Equalist and Amon's trusted advisor, usually working behind the curtain.

Relationships with other characters


Iesen and Amon met in 164 AG when he became her teacher, but they quickly became friends. Iesen also looked up on Amon as a role model when she was younger. Amon often acted a bit protective over Iesen, much to her dislike. By 171 AG Iesen developed a love interest on Amon, but she loved him more as a friend. Amon trusted Iesen with his life, and she was the first person to see his face and hear a part of his backstory.


Iesen met Tarrlok when he was imprisoned by Amon in 171 AG. Iesen felt sorry for him, so she started bringing him extra food to make his days in prison more bearable. Iesen often came to talk to Tarrlok and respected him even though they were enemies on the battlefield.


Chi blocking

Equalist chi blockers

Iesen was a skilled chi blocker. Chi blocking was the first thing she learned when she was recruited by the Equalists, mastering it by late 165 AG. Her chi blocking teacher was Amon.

Combat skills

Iesen was also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, being able to overcome three benders by herself at the same time. She preferred to use electrified glove as a weapon.


Iesen was most of the time a quiet and introverted person, but she was very dedicated to her goals and determined to avenge her parents. She found it hard to stand up to someone, especially Amon, but when she is provoked she will engage into an argument easily. Death of her parents made a drastic change in Iesen's personality, causing her a constant urge to save people from dying.

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