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This is the story of Ty Lee's Life and her hardships with her identical sisters and her purpose to find a new life. This story tells how she joined the circus, how she learnt her chi-blocking, how she met Mai and Azula.


It was a bright summers day and Ty Lee and her sisters play acrobatics. All of her sisters failed to perform a single move but Ty Lee flowed and moved elegantly.

"How did you do that Ty Lee?" said her sisters.

"Just balance your hands and concentrate," said Ty Lee.

Out of jealousy, Ty Lee's sisters left.

"Circus Freak!" said one of her sisters.

"But I.." said Ty Lee.

Ty Lee began crying not knowing why her sisters wouldn't accept her.

At dinner Ty Lee ate and went to her room.

That night, Ty Lee thought about how she had to deal with six identical sisters.

She felt that she wasn't an individual and her parents paid little attention her but paid more attention to her sisters who were more "perfect" than her.

The next day, Ty Lee began packing and took money from her parents.

That night, she opened the window and sneaked through the gardens near one of her sister's room.

The window opened.

"Ty Lee, get back inside," said the sister.

Ty turned her head around.

"No, I am sick of being left alone. I have no identity because of all of you. Heck, you don't even accept me and call me a CIRCUS FREAK!" said Ty Lee.

"But, Ty Lee I.." said the sister.

"No, I'm out of here," said Ty Lee.

Ty Lee ran away and left her sister crying.

Ty Lee wandered the Fire Nation streets for a while until she had dinner at the local pub.

Soon a thief approaches her.

"Hey, you, give me your money!" said the thief.

Ty Lee turned around and back flipped and punched him in the back; soon he was completely immobilized..

"Wow," said Ty Lee.

Soon, Ty Lee went to the local library and the librarian told her that was chi-blocking, an ancient art of blocking the chi with jabs and kicks but no one practices it anymore.

She was so interested that everyday she would go to the library to study the human body. She even made a dummy for practice. Soon in a few months she mastered chi-blocking.

The next day, when she woke up, guards hired by her parents found, her but she fought back.

For three long years, Ty Lee has been evading guards, stealing food and more, until she was caught. She was forced to return to her parents.

In her room, her door opened and her mother came in.

"Ty Lee, do you know how worried we were?" said her mother.

"Yes, I know, but for three long years, I was finally feeling that I was someone different. I learnt many things and it's great," said Ty Lee.

"Just don't run away again," said her mother.

Her mother left her room closed the door.

But her sisters were jealous of Ty Lee's new abilities.

When she found out, that night, she left, because she was scared they didn't accept her, but her sister wouldn't let her leave.

All six sisters were found immobilized in the garden.

Ty Lee then met Azula and Mai and would always sneak up the palace to play with them.

But Ursa and Zuko didn't mind.

She was happy that she found people that cared for her.

Soon Ty Lee thought of what her sisters said to her about joining the circus.

The ringmaster let her join the circus.

So she did and she felt like someone else an new person, a new identity.

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