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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book 2: Struggle



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June 11, 2012

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Last Night...

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Great Loss of Life

Previously on Ganto's adventures...

"You've got tickets for the largest steamer's Maiden Voyage, don't miss it!" said the Dai Li's and left.....

"Wow, This ship is so huge," said Ganto and got out of the taxi...

"Heloo, miss," Ganto tried to start a conversation.

"Hello," she replied.....

"Well, alright. There's something in me, Ganto. I feel it. I don't know what it is, whether I should be an artist, or, I don't know...a dancer. Like Isadora Duncan....a wild pagan spirit...!"said Aria while laughing a bit and dancing.

Then she saw a photograph and then her face light up, she ran to him.

"...or a moving picture actress!" She posed for the photographer as he took picture.....

Meanwhile Aria ran in her cabin. "Oh my god...He kissed me." She touched her lips. "I..Love him too, but how can I say it to him?"

Taru jumped out of his hiding place. "Owww..So you love him?" He said while grinning.

"W-what?! I never said that!" she said while blushing. "Oh come on, sis! Admit it! You love Ganto! Are you going to have kids? And maybe your kids will have kids too and you will have a big, big family!"

"Stop it, Taru!" she said a bit upset. then sighed. "Yes, I do love him..."

"He's in ships bow, better hurry..He thinks you hate him," he said while grinning.

"How do you know it?"

"I know everything." He grinned for more. Aria rolled her eyes and walked out of her cabin. She walked to bow and saw Ganto. She didn't know what to say. "G-ganto? I came to say sorry for r....."

Ganto looked at her and smiled away, then put his finger on his lips. "Shhh..."

Aria nodded. "Give me your hand," he said.

Aria walked closer to Ganto smiled, she gave him hers hand. "Now close your eyes. Now step up. Now hold on to the railing. Keep your eyes closed, don't peek"

"I'm not" She said and hold on the railing for a second. "Do you trust me?" He asked.

"I trust you," she said. Then Ganto opened Aria's arms. "Alright, now open your eyes"

Aria opened her eyes and gasped. "Ganto, I'm flying!" she said while smiling really happy and enjoying the view.....

The story...

Ganto and Aria were kissing on the well deck. The man in crowns nest looked down. "Hey, look!" Other man looked down, he smiled. "It's a lot warmer down there," he said. "Well if it's the only way to warm, thank you," said other man and they both laughed. Suddenly they saw iceberg in front, it was less than a mile away. They grabbed phone and called the bridge.

Meanwhile, the officer went to the phone and picked up. "What is it?" he asked.

"Iceberg, right ahead!"

The officer gasped and turned to the wheel man. "Iceberg right ahead, turn hard to start board!"

Other officers heard that. Then the 2nd officer saw nothing happens yet. "Reverse the engines and call waterbender troops!" Suddenly Equalists ambushed them and electrocuted all officers.

The ship slowly turned to left. "Come on, turn!" said the man in crowns nest. Right then ships bow hit the iceberg and trembled hardly. Ganto and Aria stopped, they looked around. "W-what's happening?!" she asked. Suddenly appeared iceberg in right side. Ganto and Aria gasped. "We have to bend it away!" They both said and prepared to bend the iceberg away, right then Equalists appeared behind them and knocked them out. Iceberg kept making a large damage below and water rushed in cargo hold and boiler room 5,6. "Take them below decks and make sure, they never get out!" said one of the Equalists.

Equalists dragged them below decks in crew passage and tied them up.30 minutes later Ganto and Aria finally woke up. The water rushed in fast and the whole cargo hold and boiler room 6 and 5 were filled with water, it kept going to upper decks as the bow slowly disappear under water.

"Ugh..." said Ganto and opened his eyes weakly. Then he gasped when he looked around. Equalists were guarding them. "So you're finally awake..." said Equalist lieutenant.

Ganto looked to Aria, she also began to recover. "Let us go!" Ganto said madly, lieutenant chuckles. "I'm afraid that won't happen, you're staying on the ship till the last moments..."

Ganto gasped. "You can't sink this ship! Here are innocent people on board!"

"Don't worry, half of the passengers will survive...the other...will die!" he said.

"You're a monster!" said Ganto madly.

"I'm just following my orders."

Aria looked at Ganto weakly, then she gasped. "G-Ganto?! What's going on?!"

"You must be Aria Fang, daughter of General Fang," said lieutenant as he smirked.

She gasped. "Ganto, these are the Equalists..?"

"Yes." He nodded.

"I've heard about them... That's what bothers you isn't it?"

"Y-yeah....They chase me....And they trapped me on the ship, I got tickets from Dai Li agents..They actually were Equalists!"

She gasped. "I can't believe this.."

"You're right, airbender and..There is nothing You can to about it!" said lieutenant.

The ship kept going under water, the cabin Ganto and Aria was disappeared under water level. Lieutenant looked at the porthole. "Soon you'll meet your doom," he said and walked away with the Equalists.

Meanwhile, in boat deck, Equalists forced officers to let in lifeboats only non-benders. General Fang also knew it, but he followed the Equalist orders because they threatened to hurt Taru. General was worried about Aria, but there was nothing he could do. Non-benders were put in the boats first. "Non-Benders first. Non-benders first!" said officers, slowly panic began to raise.

Below decks, slowly water began to rush in crew passage. "I'm so sorry, Aria..."

"Don't be sorry, we couldn't do anything...They showed up so fast..." she said.

"I know, Amon planned all this. And even if some non-benders would stay on him..That would be a 'little' sacrifice!"

"That's true...He's a monster!"

Meanwhile, Teo was looking for Ganto, he ran to ships designer Mr. Andrews.

"Mr. Andrews!" He said," Yes, Teo?" He asked.

"H-have you seen Ganto?!"

Mr. Andrew looked down..Then turned to Teo. "Equalists captured him. He's below decks in crew passage."

"What?!" Teo was shocked. "How can I get there?"

"Go to staircase, then go down with the lift to F deck. There should be a sign below the corridor with text 'Crew passage'. He should be in a long, long corridor, I just don't know what cabin..." he said.

"Thank you!" Teo said and ran to the lift, he was about to get in, but officer stopped him. "Lift is closed." Teo frowned and pushed officer in the lift and walked in the lift. "Take me to F deck!"

Meanwhile, water rushed in the Cabin Ganto and Aria was. "Oh shit...Oh shit!" Ganto and Aria tried to stand up." This is bad..."She said. Water level raised pretty fast.

Meanwhile the lift stopped in F deck, the water level was till ankle. Teo ran out of the lift. "Sir, get back in! I'm going up! I'm going up!" he shouted, Teo ignored him and walked in crew passage. The lift went up. Teo ran into the corridor and tried to find Ganto. "Ganto?! Ganto, Aria where are you?!"

Ganto and Aria were happy to hear Teo's voice. "Teo! We're here! Teo!!!!" they both screamed as loud as possible.

"Ganto, Aria?!" He ran to the cabin he heard voices, he opened the door and ran to them. He hugged them. "Thank god!" Then Teo untied them. "Thank god you came!" Aria exclaimed happily.

"We've haven't got much time! We have to get out of here!" said Ganto, Teo and Aria nodded. They ran out of the cabin. "What about lift?" she asked.

"There's no use! They're closed!" said Teo, they all sighed.

"Come on! We have to find another way!" Ganto grabbed Aria's hand and ran to random direction and tried to find the a way to upper decks, Teo followed.

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