By Libro Part of the Avatar: The Lost Earthbender continuity.

Icebending is a powerful subform of Waterbending, as most Waterbenders have the ability to turn water into ice. However, to become an Icebender, the ice must be colder than -60 degrees in Celsius, which is very rare for some waterbenders.


Icebending secret colonies started not in Korra's time but in the era of Kyoshi, in 291 BG. In 264 BG, Icebenders tried to freeze the world in eternal ice and snow, but Kyoshi managed to stop them in time, and the world was kept in balance.

In 0 AG, Aang used part Icebending to freeze himself and Appa for 100 years until Katara released him.

Gus, an Icebender soldier who kidnapped Team Avatar in a Gameshow to kidnap benders and non-benders, including waterbenders from all over the world, is not an icebender. Jing manages to destroy a whole base of icebenders in one go to release everyone. Chief Kang of the secret colony of Icebenders plans to destroy the Avatar and let the world be ruled by Icebenders, just like Sozin did with Roku, which caused the Hundred Year War when the Air Nomads were wiped out.


Icebending abilities can include freezing your opponent and objects, making floors slippery, and making snow clouds. Icebenders are waterbenders who can bend -60 degrees Celsius.

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