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Sokka's club

A typical iceball club.

Iceball is a typical Water Tribe sport in Avatar: Alternum. It is essentially soccer, but with a few changes. The game is played on ice, and the ball is a small rubber ball that bounces a lot. The ball cannot be kicked, and must only be touched with a player's club.


  • Six players can be on the field per team. There can be as many as 14 subs on a team.
  • Each team gets three time-outs.
  • Snowshoes or skates are not allowed. The game must be played in normal shoes.
  • There is no out-of-bounds.
  • Touching the ball with anything but your club is a foul.
  • When fouls are called, an iceballer on the opposing team can lob up the ball in that spot and hit it. This is known as a freeshot.
  • Traditional iceball games are divided into 4 quarters. There are 30 minutes per quarter. If overtime is needed, there will be 2, 15-minute periods.

World Championship

Despite its main popularity at the North and South Poles, other areas of the world participate in a world iceball tournament at the Northern Water Tribe's grand iceball stadium. There are several known teams that participate. The known teams are as followed.


Fire Fountain Dragon Hawks

Northern Water Tribe Buffalo-Yaks

Northern Water Tribe Koalaotters

Kyoshi Island Elephant Koi

Southern Water Tribe Polar Bear Dogs

Omashu Badger Moles


Throughout Avatar: Alternum, Sokka continuously professes his love for the sport. An iceball club is one of his primary weapons in the series. He plays for Kuruk High School's Penguin Seals.

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