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Snow Giant
Ice Creatures
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Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe

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The Snow Queen, Rakki


Blizzard, Mandarin, Green Goblin, Mr. Lemur

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The Snow Queen (episode)

Ice Creatures are the mindless creatures created by The Snow Queen to protect her, Rakki and her palace.


The Creation

After changing Rakki's cave into the ice palace, the Snow Queen used her ice powers to create the Ice Creatures in order to protect her, Rakki and the palace from everyone who tried to come into her palace.


They all are mindless and follow orders of the Snow Queen and Rakki only. Only Snow Serpent is not mindless.

Types of Ice Creatures

Snow Serpent

There is only one Snow Serpent, and it is the commander of all Ice Creatures. It is the only one who is not mindless.

Snow Troll

The Snow Trolls are normal size creatures and primary protectors of the palace.

Snow Giant

The Snow Giants are giant size creatures, and the protectors of the throne-room and the front door.


Ice Powers

All Ice Creatures can shoot ice rays out from their eyes and mouths and regenerate the organs that they lose.


  • The Snow Queen doesn't count them as friends.
  • They all are completely mindless.
  • Snow Serpent is the biggest one of all.

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