Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle, and Dreams of Melasa continuity.

The Ice Bloom is a forgotten Lesser Ish Kash. It was used by the Nifrin, Nagrim, but was taken by the spirit, Hakki. Its record had since been stricken except on the blade itself. It has the power to freeze objects.


Ulqiuorra Draws Sword

Hakki uses the Ice Bloom as his own.

The Ice Bloom was a Lesser Ish Kash made for the war between the humans and the Spirits. It was given to the brash Nifrin witch-warrior, Nagrim. Nagrim fought in the war against the Spirits.

Unfortunately, the brash Nagrim was killed by the dangerous Hakki, who then stole his Ish Kash and kept it for himself. The blade would be used by Hakki in his various fights, often against Akira and Kuro.

Hakki was finally defeated at the battle on Shadow Hill, and his Ish Kash was given to a human warrior, but its legacy as an Ish Kash was tarnished. The human warrior was then killed by the first Dosh Rak. At some point after this, the weapon was lost.

It was discovered in the Era of the Avatar by a waterbender named Huam. Huam learned how to properly wield the weapon by one of the few surviving Nifrin, Melas.



Nagrim charges Tempesta.

The Ice Bloom has the power to freeze objects. It can use any water or even cold to its advantage. It can also enhance waterbending.
  • Sakuyuki- Blooming Snow is this Ish Kash's basic ability. It turns the area cold and makes water freeze.
  • Tempesta- Storm is the attack power of this Ish Kash. Tempesta can freeze any target. Tempest can also create a thick layer of fog.

Deed Names

The Ice Bloom is the only Ish Kash with no history and so no deed names. This has left a mystery to those like Melas and his daughter, who both knew the histories of the Ish Kash.


  • The Ice Bloom is stricken from the records because of its use by Hakki, who killed humans and Nifrin alike.
  • The Ice Bloom is a lost Ish Kash.

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