By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
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Fire Nation (formerly)



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Dual Dao Swords


Shoji, Miri (On Ji), Yu Yan Archers


Fire Nation

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Yu Yan Archers

Iandao is a member of the Yu Yan Archers. He may not be an archer, but he is definitely a comedian, enjoying a good laugh.


Iandao is son of Kaizuh. His mother is unknown. In his early years, he found a small baby in the forest. His father named her Kai (after himself). At the time Iandao was only a year old.

When Iandao was six, he tried to learn how to do archery. Unfortunately, he did not have that particular talent. Feeling sorry for his sun, Kaizuh taught him how to make arrows, therefore making himself useful. However, as seen in Second Act, Iandao still felt worthless. So when the opportunity came, he quickly joined Team Runaway.


Before one gets to know him, Iandao appears to be the strong, silent type. He is usually quiet around people he doesn't know. But when it comes to knowing him, Iandao is quite the comedian. He tries to find something to laugh about in everything, lightening up any dark or dreary situation. But when he gets angry, it is wise to avoid him...he gets quite a temper sometimes.


Although Iandao isn't skilled in the area of archery, he is an excellent arrow-maker. And when it comes to battle, he has Dual Dao Swords.

Appearances and References

Iandao first appears in The Yu Yan Archers and is in almost every episode after that.

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