Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.
I battle of Szczecin


I battle of Gryfino


First Xiaons War
First Kazelian Blitzkrieg


April 29, 2009


Szczecin, Police


Xiaons victory


Xiao Army
Republic of Poland



Jakub Toporski, Adam Robbia, Ulrich Knoten, Jeremi Fukser, Alexandra Scheaffer, Daria Krajewska, Krzysztof Mazowiecki

Fearden, Xerath, droids

Forces involved

12 motorbikes
1200 Xiaons
500 soldiers of the Polish Army

75000 droid
55 ships
150 people


17 killed Xiaons
6 soldiers were killed
8 motorcycles destroyed
62 injured Xiaons
10 soldiers injured

destroyed all the droids
35 ships sunk
4 killed Kazelians
30 injured Kazelians


First appearance

The outbreak Part 1

Last appearance

The outbreak Part 2



Fearden after the preparations made ​​in April 2009 to 120,000 large droid army. He wanted to conquer the world starting with Poland. April 29 of the Kazelian Training Center Chief in Police went with an army of Szczecin.

Xiao generals arrived to the news of droidach coming to town. Everyone (except Chris) arrived at the scene of battle. They called Aang. He, Alexandra and Jeremy went to the river Oder, where there were ships of the Kazelians.

Droid infantry went south towards downtown Szczecin.

So much has appeared before in "Xiaons: First War"

The battle in Downtown

The droids are scattered Golęcino. 10,000 moved to the city center, the other is dispersed in Północ (actually means "North"). General Mazowiecki arrived. Later at downtown went the whole army of the Kazelians. It came from 85% to 90% of the droids. Jake knew Stowejko. The ships stopped along the southern Północ. From the ships battle droids come out. As part of the droids started to Pomorzany, Jake came there Hairpin and Hearty. Jake went to the bridge Castle Route. There he met Aelita and Jeremy. Jake jumped into the river from there. From the river rushed to the Fearden's ship. There General Xiao defeated Lord of the Kazelians, which threw into the river. Xiaons' base was besieged at this time. It lasted longer than half an hour.

End of battle

The battle ended in the Dąbie port. On Xerath's ship Chris imprisoned archprince. Jeremy he defended him against the rocks to die rather than drowned after hitting the rock sphere.


Xiaons were tired. Kazelians in some way hidden ships. The next day they went on Gryfino.

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