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I did not want this to end this way. I may never see you again.

Do you remember when I said, "There is nothing better than being in front of a thousands screaming probending fans?" I told you, "The rush of everyone cheering my name and how it was my favorite thing in the world."

Junto was the name I was born with, but now everyone calls me by the nickname they gave me. Quick Lightning. Now I have a city full eyes staring at me. You know who I am, but do you really know? I am Junto Ruta, just a regular person. I've told you about how I was a prodigy, and how I got to go to the school, but I didn't tell you it all. I attracted a different group...

I don't even know if I should be telling you this...

There was a gang. They saw me one day, practicing my firebending. They offered me a job. It was quick easy money. I could lie and say I was poor, but me and my family weren't. I was greedy, hogmonkeys I still am greedy. I wanted the finer things in life. I got a nice Satomobile, some fancy threads, and I had a lot of cash. The Agni Kais, they promised me that I only had to do the occasional job. By the time I was almost an adult. By then it was three times a week, I had my weekends free, so I made a lot of cash. I slowly became accustomed to the lifestyle, though I would never admit it. I knew all the guys, went out to dinner with them, and even had a little CJ every now and again. I tried to separate this life from my own, and I slowly escaped from it. I had grown to know the true side of the mob. I especially liked knowing I had would still be getting income when I joined the Junior pro-bending league.

I remember when I got that phone call. They needed my help, said it was "urgent". I made a choice. I went back. We pulled off a job, and it was all good. Until I came home to my dorm at 4:30 in the morning. It was my last semester of school, and I was caught. I could not tell them what I really did. I managed to get by with a suspension. I graduated, as you already know. I made it to a small junior pro-bending team, made way less money than I expected. I did what a swore what I told myself I'd never do. They took me back. They let me work on some big projects. They gave me a ton of money and even some imported cactus juice. I know it was illegal, but I still drank it, especially after a heavy loss. So by now you know what I am. Just an average criminal with above average talents, but then something changed. When I joined my first professional, I made more money. I had what I wanted. By now, I had gained a fairly high up job in the game, and I wasn't forced to rob, just oversight of loot. They trusted me.

In my fifth pro-bending match, someone pulled pulled a flagrant foul that landed on my shoulder. It was broken, but I did not care about that. I had a certain tattoo there. When I was younger they gave it to me. It was a mark to show who I belonged to if they needed to identify my body. The insignia was quickly hidden and I went on, but then the doctor talked. I hated the guy for it. Of course I denied the allegations he made. Soon after that, I had to explain myself to the higher ups. I told them I had it under control. I didn't.

Soon after that I had those Equalist freaks on me. They called me a lot of things, a fraud and a thief. No one trusts them though, so that faded away to. They are powerless hippies, whom are morons at best. My roller coaster of a life went up again. I met you...

Why did I even bother writing this letter...

Anyway, you are the love of my life. When I met you I was ready to settle down and have a life. I knew you were the one. If you ever found, I told myself I'd die inside. We dated and you thought you loved me. It was wonderful. For a while I felt like my life was happy. Then, that day happened.

When my place got raided, I was so scared. Some idiot must have tipped off the police. They searched my apartment for an hour. They did not find my stash, however. So I was "proven innocent".

So after I lost the pro-bending championship, I was running low on cash. I had foolishly donated my team's entire pot. So I was low on cash. I thought I was anyway. So I pulled one last job. We robbed a bank. Something went wrong. Someone recognized my face (or at least what wasn't covered) or my voice. He identified me. Don't turn on the radio, I fear what you might hear.

Remember when I said my favorite thing was being in front of my fans. I lied. I am drowning in them. My favorite thing is the thrill of pulling something off. So you can imagine what I hate and despise. I'd for them to find out. My life is one of tricks.

I am running away. Please meet me in the east suburb of Omashu. Should anything....

No, this is insane. I-

The letter ended there, the rest was burned up in flames. Junto Ruta died by suffocation of smoke. They found a large amount of cactus juice concentrate in his system. His apartment building was burnt almost to the ground. His girlfriend read the letter, horrified at what it had inside. The police called it a suicide. In the end he was found out. The guilt got to him.

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