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This fanon series is completed, meaning all expected chapters have been released.
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I Am the Solution
General information

Background story


PG (PG-13 for chapters 8-9)










The Legend of Korra, Book One: Air

Have you ever had a feeling that you dedicated your entire life to something and it was all in vain?

And remember, after all, that you are the solution.


Iesen joined the Equalists when she was fourteen.

She was a nobody, a nonbender without a job, family, or purpose in life, but Amon offered a solution.

She ascended through the ranks of the Equalists, driven by her desire to avenge the murder of her family, but when the actual revolution starts, she realizes that Amon isn't as perfect as he appears to be.

Nothing is ever as perfect as it appears to be.


  • Iesen - a twenty-year-old Equalist suffering from PTSD who thought that fighting the benders was her one purpose in life. But when she finds out the truth about Amon, she starts to question everything she believed in and fought for.
  • Amon
  • Tarrlok
  • Korra (minor)
  • Haki (minor)
  • Irritated officer (minor)
  • Spiteful policeman (minor)


Part One - Joining

  1. Fighting
  2. The Mask
  3. A Letter and a Memory

Part Two - Revolution

  1. The Prisoner
  2. Realization
  3. Home

Part Three - The End

  1. Downfall
  2. You Lose
  3. Something I Should Have Done A Long Time Ago

Thank you's

Thank you Caesar, Sierra, and Sofia. This book is for you, because without you, Iesen wouldn't be who she is.

Also, many thanks to Katherine Rebekah for nominating I Am the Solution for featured fanon series.

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