"The Boy in the Iceberg"
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Katara's Epic



Written by

Duke of Skibbington

Release date

May 13, 2016

Sokka tries to fish

Through an ice-cold river, two children ride a small canoe. Sokka, son of Hakoda, spies a fish. "It is not getting away from me this time, Katara." Tranquil Katara, brother of Sokka and daughter of Kya, bends a bubble of ice-cold water around her fish. "Look Sokka, I caught it." But arrogant Sokka paid her no heed. Poised to strike, he raised his spear above his head. Unwittingly, foolish Sokka popped the bubble and Katara's fish escaped. "Oh sister, favourite of Kya, why must all your attempts to play with magic water get me wet?"

The canoe swayed and rocked and the blue plates of ice closed in on their boat. With a squeeze, their boat cracked and the two children fell on a plate. "Why, sister, were you not able to prevent this with your bending? Thou woman must not perform man's work."

And thus, Sokka invoked his sister's wrath. "You sexist dog! I feel ashamed to be your sister. Since mother died, I've been running the camp, cleaning your foul garments while you played war games with the boys." Hot-tempered Katara flailed her arms and berated her brother further.

A large iceberg cracked and splintered in her rage before breaking into oblivion. Terrified Sokka beheld the glowing ice sphere. "I congratulate thee, most peculiar sister, for now you have become freakish."

Katara did not heed her brother's remarks, for she was entranced by the sphere. The outline of a boy reflected in her blue eyes. "Somebody is in there!" She snatched her brother's club of bone and hopped to the sphere. With many strikes, the sphere exploded in a bright blue light. A dazed boy emerged.

Zuko sees the light

A great beam of light shot up through the broken sphere. From his great iron ship, Zuko of the red scar saw the light and jumped with joy. "Finally! Uncle, do you realise what this means?" Calm Iroh proceeded with his game. "I won't get to finish my game?"

Impatient Zuko ignored his uncle. "It means my search is come to an end. That light was from an incredibly powerful source. It has to be the Avatar!" Though grey-bearded Iroh was not convinced. "Caution, nephew, it may just be celestial lights. It was only recently you led us astray with that belief. I do not want you getting excited over nothing. Come, sit and have calming tea."

Wrathful Zuko puffed. "I do not need calming tea. I need to capture the Avatar!" And thus, he ordered his helmsman. "Set a course for the light!"

Katara finds Aang

The dazed boy staggered out. Protective Sokka leapt and shielded his sister from the young boy. Katara pushed aside her brother and caught the boy as he fell.

The butt of Sokka's spear prodded the boy's head. Katara shoos him away. "Come closer" the young boy squeaks. Katara stares into his grey eyes. They burst open "Will you go penguin sledding with me?"

Taken aback, Katara of the deep blue eyes agrees. Then the boy, swift as a hawk leaps to his feet. "Hello, I'm Aang!" And with a great sneeze, he leaps high into the air.

"What was that?" Cried shocked Sokka "You just flew 6 cubits into the air!" Aang of the grey eyes disagreed "It seemed higher to me."

Open-minded Katara wept with joy "You must be an airbender!" And Aang praised her "Oh you of great knowledge, surely, you are a powerful bender yourself, I can see greatness in your eyes. But alas, you have no boat, shall I take you home on my flying bison?"

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