I'm the Avatar?
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Miki of the Earth Kingdom


One: Elements



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January 20, 2015

Chapter One: I'm the Avatar?

I'm just an Earth Kingdom girl. I've mastered earthbending, an incredible feat for someone my age—just eight. Hey, ironically Avatar Korra has been dead for eight years. Sad, she was only twenty-three, killed in a battle.

Since with that coincidence, I've been pretending that I'm the avatar! Haha, I wish I were. I'm just running around playing tag with my friend, Khan. All of a sudden, fire comes from my hands.

You know what that means?

I'm the Avatar!

I brought the news to my parents.

"Mom! Dad! I'm the Avatar!"

"Don't be silly, Miki. Stop pretending," says my dad.

"No, really!" I begin to show fire.

They're really shocked, and they demand that I wait til I am sixteen to start training.

"No!" I say. I run off to my room. Once I'm there, I start packing my things. I packed my clothes and other stuff in a small bag, and then, I just leave. I barricade the door with rocks and smash the window. I get out, and I'm on my way to Republic City.

I get to Republic City with zero problems. Now, I may need a firebending teacher.

I search frantically in ads and schools for firebending masters. None. They wouldn't accept me because I didn't have cash. Instead, I taught myself firebending.

I mastered the art within two months and found various books and scrolls on it to confirm my mastery. Next in this? Airbending.

This is harder. I'm a tough, no-nonsense kind of girl and air...rather peaceful. It will be hard for me. I'll tackle that. I can do this.

I began hitting the books at the library, learning thousands of airbending forms. After a week of studying all the forms, I actually airbent! I'll have some trouble with this element, I can tell. I had so much trouble getting to advanced moves. It took me two months before I even started getting them.

Teaching myself, I got through it. Four months of hard work paid off.

I used the same technique in mastering waterbending. Soon enough, I demonstrated my bending to several mentors, and they all confirmed I had mastered the elements.

Soon, I mastered the Avatar State. I can't believe it only took a year. I am nine years old and a fully realised Avatar!

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