By Lord Caesar Part of the Avatar Ronin continuity.

The Hyena leopard is a large cat-like creature that is found in western regions of the Earth Kingdom.


Hyena leopards are mainly yellow with black spots. They have a long black mane that runs all the way to the end of the spine. Their claws can easily rip apart prey. Their limbs allow them to run at great distances for a short time, and they must be very careful at when to strike their prey to save speed. Their spots allow them to blend in with the grass and not be detected.


Hyena leopards are regarded, primarily by Avatar Ronin, as one of the greatest predators in the Earth Kingdom. They often live alone and come together only to find a mate. They spend most of their time on top of trees, where they drag their food to keep away from scavengers and other predators. They are never hesitant to attack a person or animal who invades their territory, and even kill them and eat them for food. They are rivals to many other predators in the Earth Kingdom, most notably with gorilla lions and Komodo Raptors, and even kill their cubs and chicks for food.


Hyena leopards are a conjecture of the real life hyena and leopard. They mainly have the nose, mane, and bushy tail of a hyena and the body, limbs, claws, face, and tail of a leopard.

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