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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
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Cold Snap

Hydros is a secondary character in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny. His role in the story is set to be expanded in book two.

Before the story

Hydros was raised in the Northern Water Tribe by his mother. He briefly met Aang, Katara and Sokka when they came to the North Pole because he was another waterbending student under Master Pakku, but they were not friends and they barely spoke. He was twelve when Sozin's War was ended by Avatar Aang. He continued to live in the Northern Water Tribe and it quickly became apparent that he was a talented waterbender and soldier. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Water Tribe military and was soon made a captain and given his own ship and crew and became friends with Sokka and Suki on one of their visits to the North Pole. He also made fast friends with Han Dre, an ambassador from the Fire Nation sent by Fire Lord Zuko to maintain peace with the Northern Tribe, and personally volunteered to escort Han Dre back to the Fire Nation when his younger sister died.

During the story

Hydros was escorting Han Dre back to the Fire Nation on his ship when he received orders from Earth King Kuei and Fire Lord Zuko to sink any Fire Nation ship that wasn't where it was supposed to be. When he came across a Fire Nation ship traveling towards the Northern Water Tribe, he ordered his men to attack and destroy the boat, unaware that it was actually being driven by Sokka and Suki who were traveling to the North Pole to meet Yue.

His waterbenders and himself easily overpowered the small and unsuspecting crew of the other ship. However, after Liang discovered his latent waterbending talents, he immediately called off the attack as he absolutely refused to hurt another waterbender. He quickly discovered that Sokka and Suki were on the boat and gave them a sail which would ensure the remainder of their journey was safe.

On Hydros' return journey to the Northern Water Tribe, his crew was guiding their ship through a powerful current using their waterbending when Yue was killed. All of them suddenly lost their ability to bend, which sent their ship on a collision course with a rock formation. Hydros tried to save them using his own bending abilities, but obviously was unable to. He managed to save himself from the disastrous wreck, but watched as his entire crew perished. He desperately tried to save his best friend, Han Dre, from the same fate by grabbing onto his hand, but his grip slipped and Han Dre fell to his death. Hydros was the only survivor of the crash.


Hydros is a fun-loving, over-confident and almost perpetually happy man. He is intensely loyal to his nation and to his people and relishes his ability to waterbend more than anything in the world. He loves the open ocean, his role in the military and his life in general.


Hydros is a gifted waterbender who trained under Master Pakku - he believed he would be able to bend his entire ship through strong currents with ease. He is well-trained in Water Tribe weaponry, specializing in the spear. He is also a very capable sailor and navigator.

After the death of Yue, Hydros has lost all of his waterbending abilities.


  • Hydros was added into book one at the last minute. Originally, he was planned to be introduced in book two, where his role is more important.
  • Hydros' name comes from 'hydro' - the Latin word for water. The 'ros' ending is an allusion to the character of Mitros - one of MightyBrit's favorite characters from Avatar: Guardian.

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