By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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TT Universe

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Double-pointed dagger


Yamato (brother)

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Teen Titans

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Future Meets Past

Hyata is a white Kishu and Terra's old friend. His backstory, along with Yamato's, is oddly familiar to Toube's past. He and his brother were childhood friends with Terra until one day they accidentally fell into the SOTC universe where they grew strong, especially Hyata, whom while they were in the world, lost his eye in a fight. It was only until after he lost his eye was when he started using his double bladed dagger.

Colossi Arc

He first appears during Terra and Basiliscus's fight and says that Terra should be the one to fight Pelegia, and that he's a better opponent. He charges down and fights the lizard as Yamato checks on Terra. It didn't take very long before Hyata makes the final blow and kills the female lizard. After a brief reunion with the earthbender, he decides to go with her as Yamato goes to Mel and help him fight Barba, thinking it might be easier for his younger brother. Before he goes, he spies the watcher not too far away, and believed that everyone now has the same shadow.

later on, he shows up again with Terra as they finally meet Pelegia. he tries his best to help but in the end he stands aside as Terra gains her ultimate form without his help.

Final Arc

His involvement in the last fight was quite small, like Yamato. He remained on the side-lines until the event occurred when "yin and yang" started fighting. He stays around until suddenly he gets knocked out by the finishing move. He remains alive however.

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