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The infamous woman that haunts the dreams of every Fire Nation colonist, the Puppetmaster.

Pronunciation of surname: Soo-cause

Hyan of the Windswept tribe was a 61 year old master waterbender and former chieftess of the aforementioned mainland Water Tribe.


Hyan Sukaas was born into the chief bloodline of the Windswept tribe, a mainland Water Tribe that resided northeast of the Earth Kingdom's southwestern coast, in the year 39 ASF. After claiming her mother's role as chieftess at the age of sixteen, Hyan swiftly designed an aggressive defense plan to ensure that the tribe remained secure, as the possibility of a local Fire Nation battalion attempting to seize the village was increasing in likelihood. Eventually, the firebenders did assault the Windswept village, in the year 59 ASF. While the majority of her tribals were slaughtered, Hyan proved incapable of being slain, resulting in the raiding party leader's decision to incapacitate her and imprison her, at which he was successful.

Hyan was taken to a Fire Nation military facility, Hi Jang, that had been constructed on the recently claimed-by-the-Fire-Nation, eastern coast of Lake Aisi, which was later renamed Ozin; the natural catacombs that lied beneath the facility were used as a makeshift prison for POWs. She was forced to wander the catacombs, searching for the food that the more-sympathetic guards would occasionally drop into the tunnels, while ignoring the near-death or deceased bodies of her fellow water tribals. Being intentionally deprived of water so that she could not weaponize it, Hyan realized that she would die of dehydration if she did not proceed to escape soon; she was losing water at a rapid rate, due to her often having to vomit up the rotten scraps of food that she was able to locate.

On her fourth night in the prison, she desperately began to experiment with her waterbending, attempting to control the blood within her dying comrades' bodies. After honing the ability to force her comrades to walk around and attack each other by bloodbending, on the ninth night of her incarceration, Hyan slept near one of the shafts that connected her subterranean cage to the primary facility. When one of the guards climbed down the shaft and opened its metal hatch, she forced the guard to kill herself, took their uniform and helmet, then climbed into the military base. Hyan snuck out of the facility and began wandering the wilderness, hoping to find another mainland Water Tribe.

Appearance: Chapter Fourteen

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