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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

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Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

Hwa is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is also a supporting character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legend of Anana.


Hwa, was the airbending mentor for Avatar Anana back in her lifetime. Hwa hails from the Eastern Air Temple, where she teaches beginner levels of airbending. Though when she was chosen by the Council of Elders to teach the Avatar, she had spent full-time with training Anana.

Of course neglecting her other students for such an honor of tutelage though. Anana spent about two years or less with Hwa. Hwa and Anana had built a good friendship while Anana was there for mastering her last element.

Blood War

When Anana had met her former masters and best friends in each of their respecting locations. She had requested the aid of Hwa, who accepted the call to arms. When they arrived they thrown their best at the bloodbenders.

Giving ample time for Anana to energybend her husband Tuuluuwaq. After the long fought battle, each person there was marked into world history books for years to come.

Later Life

Not much was known of Hwa's early life nor later life. As her importance around her adulthood when she trained Anana. But it is known that Hwa had died two years after Anana marking her death at 123 years.

In her honor the Air Nomads had built a statue, because, Hwa represented courage for the Eastern Air Temple nomads.


Like all Air Nomads, Hwa, was born an airbender. She trained for many years to become a master and to receive her airbending tattoos. Hwa also was Anana's mentor in airbending, which marks her as a master in her element.


Avatar: The Legend of Anana

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Two: Water


  • Hwa is "flower" in Korean.

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